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Another PE Success Story

Another PE Success Story

Hi guys.

I’ve been PE for 4 months now. That’s great stuff like you already now :)

First 2 months :

I did the newbie routine, 3 times a week, I start at 10 min stretch with 15 min jelq, working up to 15 min stretch and 20-25 min of jelq. I didnt do a constant kegel routine however. I start at 7,25 BP and 5,5 mid shaft. After these 2 months, I went up to 7,5625 BP x 5,625. I consider it as good gains.

Last 2 months :

I changed things a bit. I think I was ready for more intense girth routine, and increase my stretching time a bit too. What I did is to start with jelq for 20 minutes, then do 2x60 sec ULI, another 2-3 minutes of jelq to restore circulation and finish with 2x60 sec ULI. As for stretch, 20 minutes of manual stretchs, up, down, left, right… every angle. Results : Im now at 7.813 BP x 5.750. Hourah :)

I also bought a Wrist strap for flacid size. I wear it since 1 month, and I went 5.36 BP to 5.75.

I added kegels too, I wanted to know about edging, multiple orgasm. I tried it before but I wasnt strong enough to stop the ejaculation, but now, I can edge for 30-45 minutes if I want to :)

Upcoming months :

I will split my routine differently. I will do girth routine when I wake up, for 30-40 minutes of jelqing, ULI and O bends, and do my manual stretch for 20-25 minutes before going to sleep. This way I think I can really focus on 1 thing at a time, and it will be easier to fit in my schedule, even if I need to wake up earlier. I will still continue kegels and to wear wrist strap.

Conclusion :

This stuff works great. Keep going my friends. All this hard work brings results at the end of the line. And for those who are in couple, it can brings a lot of pleasure, surprises, rewards etc. ;)

Great results.

Be cautious about always adding more to try to get better results. If you start to see declines, it is a sign you are going overboard and you should go back to your less aggressive routines that work well for you.

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