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Is anyone here double jointed?

Is anyone here double jointed?

To any double jointed members:

How much have you gained from PE? What methods have you used?

He he, that made me giggle.
But a damn good question. Does that type of flexibility and limberness translate to PE?
I know it has taken a lot of work over the years for me to achieve flexibility in non PE areas.

People of Northwest European decent tend to be the least flexible. People of Asian decent, especially from Mongolia, are statistically more flexible. Just some useless info from me.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

If you are really god damned tall and double jointed you have a heat defect also. Interesting way genes line up in the body to cause this.


I am fairly tall, double jointed in places and in all others quite flexible too……

and I’m like a bloody furnace.

no heat defects for me

Over a decade ago, some basket ball player took an underdground nap right on the court. Could be NBA or College, most likely some school,anyhow he was double jointed and really god damn tall, like my size. There is something about being “exceptionally”tall and double jointed. Basically he did not know that he had this heart defect, but on the news it was shown that this is a new disease or syndrome or condition.

When certain genes line up together they create a third effect. This was opne of them.

No I am not double jointed.

oh sorry twat I read “heat” defect not heart defect…..

well I dont think I have any of that going on either……

but again, my body temperature is like a bloody furnace!!


Sorry! My fault. Damn typos. I mean heart. I was like what the hell does he mean by a furnance?!?

I am colder than normal body temp, by a degree or so. I assume you are the opposite.

Must spell check! Mental (patient) Note To Self. TT

lol no worries

I am a hot hot blooded guy….

shorts in the winter, even t-Shirts in the snow is no probs for me….

always warm up my bad circulationy freezing hand/foot girlfriend :D


I’m also like a bloody furnace. My entire body, especially my hands. I don’t quite know why, but my wife says it makes for great snuggling in the winter. And, where there’s a snuggle there’s ……….


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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