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IPR, hanging and drugs-help needed!

IPR, hanging and drugs-help needed!

I would like to ask you for help guys-and I am talking about those guys with experience. I wanted to start a new thread because I believe it can help others to find all info in one place.

I am about to start my third IPR cycle in month or two. I already did it twice-first time gain in length was noticeable, the second time not much. Maybe I had to short deconditioning break and this was the reason for that. Anyway- I came to conclusion that in my case the essential factor of new gains must be ‘chemistry’. It’s the same in some way as with bodybuilding. When you start bb you see results…after some time they stop-your body can not make new gains ‘from the air’-changing routine etc does not make great change either. What you need at this moment are supplements(‘gainers’, proteins, aminos, creatine, HMB) and they seem to work-you gain again and move to ‘the next level’. But even this can not work forever-at some time gains stop. Of course you are much bigger than before starting BB…If you want to go to the ‘next level’(I mean here looking like amateur bodybuilder) you need to use steroids…sad but true. Of course there are people with great genes but this is minority(it also applies to PE-Bib and others)

I think the same is happening with PE. I consider myself as ‘normal gainer’(not ‘hard’ not ‘fast’- 1” of NBEL in 1,5 year). To gain more I would have to hang more and wear ADS 10 hours daily each day-impossible for me(business).

I plan to use drugs(chemistry) in order to help my body make new gains. At the same time I will use IPR cycle-this time better as I have some experience with it. My question to you is following:

When should I use chemistry?

I plan to take two kinds of drugs-first one to slow down collagen synthesis and the second one to increase it. However I am not sure when I should take them. Should drugs like Relaxin(or similiar) should be taken:

A. For 2-3 weeks before the I phase(and during this phase)?
B. During I phase?

Also-when in your opinion I should start taking drugs that help to increase collagen sythnesis?

C. At the start of P phase?
D. At the start of R phase?
E. Other?

Thanks in advance to all that would like to help me.


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