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Hanging and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Hanging and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Hi all, I had a nice hanging session of 4 consecutive and a half or more sets of 10 pounds of just SD hanging and I got a very nice fatigue/soreness factor on my dick last night through all the way till about a hour ago. The funny thing is I took Iprophen (if that’s how you spell it) to relieve a headache I’ve had from celebrating the gains I’ve been getting with some vodka (which I’m still at the moment drinking :) ) and it has taken most of the soreness from my groin/genital region… Because of this (I must be crazy) I plan to hang for a few more sets tonight till I reach a good fatigue for more gains. This idea of taking anti-inflammtory drugs like asprin, ibprofin, tylanol, might be perfect for certain people who are too freaked out they might rip there dick off (hopefully I don’t rip mine off first right?, it won’t happen…) ? I don’t know, but I’ll do what I need to do to get the gains… I’ll keep you all updated…

Personally, if you’re already sore I wouldn’t be hanging again on the pain killers since you might not feel any damage until the drugs wear off and then it might be too late. So if it were me, I’d wait first.

But this brings up something else I’ve been thinking of mentioning.

I take motrin on the average of a couple of times every week or so for fucked up sinuses and migrains, etc.
Now motrin is ibprofin, which as stated is an “inti inflamatory. If my memory serves me correctly, it accomplishes this by dialating the capularies and/or thinning the blood. So far so good. now here’s the revalence to PE:

I’ve noticed that on days that I PE - hang, pump, etc., that if I take a motrin later, I get absolutley no “turtleing” effect.
I can hold the pumped state much longer, even a couple of days sometimes, and my overall erection quality actually improves. If I’m fortunate enough that the ole’ lady wants some that night, then the motrin almost seems like a poor mans psuedo viagra in the sense that the motrin keeps the (pumped up) pecker excessively engourged and hard - much to her delight. it also seems to help to last much (almost too much) longer since it’s helping to keep some of the nerve sensations down. The real down side is that motrin always makes me fell dreamy and after fucking for over an hour I started to loose my energy and would rather just finish and go to sleep.

Anyone else notice any of this stuff taking ibprofin?
I’m really beginning to think I need to go get my cardio vascular system checked out becuase the next day after taking the stuff I get irritable as hell to the point of having to watch myself that I don’t start snapping at people. Makes me think the back swing is causing the blood psi to rise. I’m wonder if that’s an indication of anything since it’s not a good thing to be getting so fucking up tight over shit, but it only happens after I’ve taken motrin. Hmm.

Hobby: that’s cool.

RootCap: I truly hope you fix your situation, I know you can do it (as fake as that sounds, keep trying, don’t give up the fight to be a better you if that’s what you want to be towards your babe)…


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