Ideas for modifying the Ventless TLC Tugger to make it better

Firstly, I’m not pretending I know everything about penis enlargement .etc and am relatively inexperienced. These are a just some ideas that have been going round in my head and they may be a bit dense or crazy I just wanted to know peoples opinions.

I recently bought the Ventless TLC tugger. I pretty much saw the posts at MOS and bought it straight away. Despite what Supra said however I feel it’s far from perfect.

If you have a lot of excess skin like myself then the VTLC makes things worse. The skin trying to retract creates an equilibrium and keeps the cone on and the tugger in place so the skin must always be stretched, if you do not stretch the skin prior to putting the cone on the tugger will quickly come loose. Skin will stretch at a greater rate then penile tissue so excess skin build up, I would have thought, would get worse. I can see my I have gained skin as well, and it adds to the unsightly bunch up under my glands during an erection.

Now I have been trying to come up with a solution to this problem, so it is possible to stretch the penis rather then the skin. At the moment I feel the VTLC is stretching mostly skin. There was the suggestion of tape. I think it’s a good idea and probably more effective then using the skin cone if you don’t want excess skin build-up. It would be a pain to re-apply all the time plus special hypo-allergenic tape is required which is expensive and hard to get hold of. Also the skin would still have to be stretched quite a way above the head so the skin is still getting stretched

Now here are me thoughts. The VTLC stays on because of a vacuum. When the skin is rolled over the tugger then the vacuum is created. I had an idea of some artificial skin that could be used to create that vacuum.

I got a condom and snipped off the head. I then squeezed it over the VTLC tugger allowing the metal tugging attachment to come through. I retracted my foreskin and rolled the condom slightly past my glans and put a rubber band around the glans (over the condom). My hope is that a vacuum would be created keeping the VTLC sucked onto the head of the penis. I pulled the tugger manually, it did stick slightly but not enough to be rigged up to a tugging strap for it would have definitely come loose. I figured this is because the condom was not completely air-tight as there were a few creases in it.
If this where to work though I feel something more stretchy would have to be used. Like a condom that was more elastic then normal and was designed to fit flaccid penises and was res-usable. A catheter condom came to mind, although I’m not completely sure what they are/how they work .etc

If this where to work then it might well be the “holy grail of ADS”, at the moment despite what’s being said, it isn’t.

P.S could you move this to the main member forum? For whatever reason I’m not allowed to post there.