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TLC tugger

TLC tugger

Any ADS I try, at last, cuts my circulation…
its the same for you guys?

Is TLC different? Or it has other problems…
I have seen some photo of people wearing it. It seems good.
I image this one doesn’t cut the circulation, on the shaft
but maybe it’s not comfortable to wear, and the skin start to
have problems…(the skin covering the glans, because I think
is there that the grip holds mostly).

I believe I am gonna stop searching ADS and I buy a PUMP!
No one works to me!

If you have positive experience (long lasting ones)
please share. I have emailed them and they are nice
they do shipping everywhere at low cost.
Nice people. And the price is ok…for an ADS.

Your opinion?


The TLC tugger looks easy enough to make yourself.

Piet, I hope you’ve recovered now.

I have the VTLC Tugger. You don’t actually need the skin cone. Just use sticky tape, which is much stronger. The skin cone can cause pain after an hour, so for me, it’s history! Nothing but trouble. Now I should be able to wear it all night.

I haven’t gained after about a month’s use but session lengths have only been 2-3 hours (actually 2 for virtually every night).

It maybe best to wear the strap around the waist to stop the suction pressure from shifting every time you move (anchor it to the base of your penis, or your thigh). I’ve been wearing the strap over my shoulder and now have blisters on my glans.

Replacing the strap with a stronger one is recommended too (but then again, it maybe the cause of my blisters!). Buy a strap from Ron, then put the clips onto a new strap.


I use the VTLC tugger and it can be worn all day comfortably. I wore it all day yesterday no problems and also had it on overnight although it has always come off by the morning. However I fear it doesnt stretch the shaft very effectively. The cable clamp ADS at MOS seems good however that would cut off circulation so therefore could never be a true ADS.

BiffyStiffy- What tape do you use? Do you use hypoallergenic tape?


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