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Idea - don't laugh

Idea - don't laugh

Sorry if the logic behind this is totally off, lol… but I was playing with my penis one time and just thought of it while I was stretching it out. I was concerned about my base girth, not knowing what I could do to increase it since I don’t hang and don’t really have the time to.

So while I stretched out my penis… you know how more of it is revealed, right? What if you were to stretch it out as much as possbile, safely, and then clasp your hand/fingers around the newly revealed base. Then you squeezed like the horse exercise.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but once you let go, the newly revealed base goes back inside, but the normal base (which was being exercised, I’m guessing) returns to its normal position. Could this help base girth, or am I just thinking wrong?

I don’t know much either, but in order to gain girth from squeezes I think you need to be pretty erect, and its kind of hard and maybe dangerous to stretch hard with an erection.

I hope I am wrong!

I do that while hanging. Like you said, the ligs and base of the penis get stretched out and can be worked. As I squeeze or pull on the base though, I just feel more pressure on the ligs giving them a bit more stretch. I feel it helps length more than girth, but the more inner penis pulled out may help there as well.

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