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Ice Baths


Im just beginning PE but i think im going to try this technique too as it known to help atheletes, bodybuilders etc recover faster.

Originally posted by theman
Well I take Icebaths on my off days. I believe that it helps increase the recovery process so the next time you work out you can go at it full paced.

Hi Theman, I think Gottagrow was hoping for an idea of what workouts, whether just weights or both, you cool down after.

Well I do it on leg days which also happen to be my day off from Pe. I’m an amateur bodybuilder and I squat 365 as my 1 rep max so my legs r usually destroyed after a good leg workout. I kinda double dip into the benefits of the ice bath

Sorry thunder I was in a hurry and didn’t have to time to proof read my post. I’ll try to do better in the future. And incase you were asking about my Pe workouts, which rereading the post is probably what you were asking for, I stretch casually, every chance I get. I probably got 3-5 minutes in the shower, a good tug when I take a piss. I have a girth routine that consists of a warm up, hot shower or heating pad, 4 sets of 75 jelq at 75% erection and as soon as I finish my jelq set I do a 45 second uli. After my fourth set I finish with a 100 jelqs then take a hot shower. I go 1 on 1 off and take an ice bath on my off days. I hope this clears everything up for everyone; if you have anymore questions please keep this thread going and I promise to keep you all updated on my results. I will be measuring on Oct 1st and will let you all know about my length gains.

theman, I d be really interested to hear about your icy routine

especially as I really LOVE cold showers (in summer) and LOVE showering under

ice-ice-cold norwegian waterfalls (in summer)

(my favo movie: white fang, as you may have guessed hahaha)

by the way….did you gain anything while following that cold path ?

I d be the first to follow you !


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