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I think, I got stuck! Need help with my routine!!!

I think, I got stuck! Need help with my routine!!!

Dear Friends & Vet Sirs!

I am into serious PE for last one year now. May be first of all I should give you my routines:

First of about me: I am 40 yrs & been together with a girl who loves big penisses like mad. As she told me first about I was crazy & sad at the same time. After an intensive search on the net, I googled myself to our place here.

Phase 1. I lurked a lot here at Thunders´s without doing anything specially, except some major parts of the newbie routine on an 2day on/ 1day off basis. (June to Aug 04)
My stats were at that time: 11 cm erect-length 5 cm girth (bone pressed)

Phase 2. After an operation & the following break of approx. six weeks I took up the task again, this time getting more & more serious about it. I change my routine to 5 days on/ 2 days off. I mainly jelged for an hour & completed the session with half an hours stretching. Everything manually off course. By the April of this year my gains were 13 cm erect-length 7 cm girth.

As I said, this fantastic place & the various posts of the vets was consistent indirect help - even during the op-time & later on. In May I ordered my bib-starter as I thought I would be optimum for a small sized guy like me. I then followed the following routine.

Phase 3. From 2 sets of hanging with 2 litres of water bucket I do now 6 sets of 20 min. with 4 litres of water in the bucket. ( I normally do not do any other sport, so I could not go for any other weights like the usual gym-stuff.) In July I added pumping to my evening sessions. So my routine now is:

20 min 6 sets of 4 litres in the morning
20 min 3 sets of pumping at the middle level with jelging & stretching during the sets in the evening
400 kegels during the pumping sessions & during the day whenever I can.
I keep IR lamp on during my sessions, actually about 20 cm away from my small friend.
I do this now on 3 day on / 1day off - 2days on /1 day of basis since July 05.

But my friends, I am not noticing any changes except 0.5 cm in the erect length. My flaccid structure is though gone up to 10 cm. I am doing something wrong or is it to early to expect anything? Should I take a break of a week as I am going to Fuerteventura ( a canarian island ) for a week`s holiday.

My food habits are normal, I take 1400 mg of arginine & testogel 25 mg daily as a part of my post-op therapy, though testogel should be finishing by the end of this month.

Please help me if you can, as I do not know what to do? Am investing a lot of time & have a feeling nothing happens? Is it because of my age, I do not know? So Sirs, please help!

Hello goanindigo (Guten abend);

I’m not really sure if i correctly understood the following (please correct me if I’m wrong):

You have started with 11 cm Erect length, then it went up to 13 cm erect length and now you have added another 0.5 cm ???

If so, that means you have added a total inch to your penis within a year. I think that’s pretty good. I hope you did not expect 5-6 cm minimum in a year ?!

As the vets always say: “It’s a marathon!”.

Continue with your routine and you will do well. You migh want to increase the weights a little bit, but I hope the hanging experts are going to chime in.

Good luck / Viel Erfolg

Hi goanindigo.I would suggest upping your weight a trifle.I’m hanging using a gallon of water,roughly equivalent to what your hanging with,and I’m stuck too.I’m gonna add a quart of water and see what happens.

Sorry to come back to guys so late, but it is a saturday night over here and as the things normally take, I was out having couple of those nice bubbly things called beer plus one or two of our local Schnaps.

1.Thanks 8, I think I should do that, let me see: As soon as I am back next week Sunday, I will put in that extra 250 ml to start with.

2. mrdstein, “vielen lieben Dank”, those are cheery words.

Actually I contacted a vet last week about the cable clamps and I am thinking of adding them pretty surely to my routine (let us say 10 minutes daily in the evenings as I get over with my evening routine.

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