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I need support and a little advice

I need support and a little advice

Hi guys,

My name is Prash and I am 21.
My cock stats are:

Penis erect length (bone pressed): 5.5inches
Penis girth (erect): 4.25inches

I have heard of jelqing, uris, horses for a long time and I used to do them quite alot but unfortunately not regularly as i am not alone at home all the time (live with my parents and sister).

I have found by doing these exercises that my girth has got larger even after the first session, but obviously because of my irregularity in the exercises the results are soon gone. As a result i don’t really know my girth size or even length - above is what i got at the moment after not jelqing for about a week.

I also used a vacuum pump for my penis at 16 and used that for a while - i still got that and use it from time to time after jelqing.

I have made a decision to really make an effort to jelq 6 days a week for as many months as it takes, but unforetunately i can only jelq for 15 mintues a day. Do you guys think that will do it??

I am sure I will see improvement in girth - but it’s the length i want to improve as you can tell by my cock stats. I just need encouragement and support from all you guys. Any messages of results and advice would be great.

I want at least to reach a 6.5 inch bone pressed erect cock - how long do u guys reckon it will take me if i do 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week?

15 mins is better than nothing. consistently doing your 15mins will be the key.

By 15 mins do you mean in total or excluding hot wraps? Don’t ignore the need to hot wrap before and after your session.

It might be worth doing an alternating routine of stretches one day and jelqing the next. Try to ramp up the intensity of the jelqing within a month or two so that you are making the most of your 15 mins.

Think in terms of years as opposed to months, though a 1” gain is probably achievable for most people here.

If you can though, figure out a way to do at least 1/2 hr per day.

Anyone else got any ideas or experience of short sessions?

Welcome aboard Prash

Now, I wish to start this with a disclamer, being a female I don’t have first hand experience.

But, as a person who does Physical Therapy, (I’m a Physical Therapist Assistant)I do know a bit about duration of exercises. If you can only squeeze in 15 minutes a day, try to do 2 to 3 sessions. That way you are still getting the benefit of 30 to 45 minutes a day. If you are lucky enough to do 4 sessions a day that my friend is an hour of PEing. You state that you live with your parents and sister, I’m sure that you can find sometime to do this, like when taking a shower, or locked in your room. However, I will warn you as should others here that you need to take a day or so rest period instead of working every day. In order for the tissues to repair at the newer length they need a break. There have been good posts here on duration vs frequency please do a search and read up on what has already been discussed.

As long as you have made the decision to be consistent with your exercise program, time no longer becomes a factor. I will tell you that you aren’t probably going to get results overnight. It does take time and dedication to see results. Don’t get discouraged, keep at it. You are working on making tissues longer, and that takes time. Can I tell you that you will see results in a month, 2 months, 6 months, NO. I can tell you that you will see results, I just don’t know when. None of us do, each person on this board is different, some make quick gains and others don’t.

Good luck to you, keep us posted.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

my 2 cents...

Ok buddy, I have the same problem and stats as you. This the first time I´ve said my measurement becouse Im not exactly proud of them, but I had to come out sometime anyway.

The best advice I can think of is to take it slow. I injured myself and had to take 2 months off. I was so eager to get gains that I overstretched and fucked up a vein. Now Im back at it, trying to be consistent with the little time that I do have. Be careful, injuries suck big time and can be very dangerous. Good luck buddy, and take care.


15 minute minutes is without the hot wrap - i do it after i come out the shower

Also there is not a little skin between my ball sac and cock shaft - there is a lot and i don’t feel the stretch if i don’t pull it tight

Don’t assume the shower heats you up enough, it probably doesn’t. Try and integrate some warm wraps into the end of your showering (maybe while drying your hair, if its more than shoulder length :) )

Are you talking about stretching here or jelqing? With a stretch if you have foreskin retract it and grip underneath below the glans (most pressure on sides avoiding pressure on the top). Sounds like you are trying to stretch skin ?!?

Sunny makes a good point about trying to do more than one session a day. If you are allowing only 5 mins with a 5 min warmup and 5 min post session wrap that only leaves you 5 mins :(

i actually am doing a mixture of jelqing and stretching during 15 minutes - (the 15 minutes is excluding any warm up or down)
I jelq for a while, then i do a few stretches. I do have foreskin but i don’t retract the skin all the way back over the head of the penis. But i will now

i find that applying pressure on the sides of the penis head when stretching i don’t get a good grip and hence not a good stretch - my penis head is quite tiny. However, now that i have heard it from an expert i will do it this way - thankyou for your advice.

i think when i am lying in bed i will do what doublelongdaddy said in his thread about stretching a kegelling at the same time.

Oh yeah, do you lot think that sometimes jelqing without warming up can hinder ur results when you jelq after warming up?

when you’re stretching try an overhand ok. The main reason for putting most pressure on the sides is to avoid the nerve bundle at the top of the penis just behind the glans. Using an overhand ok will give protection simply because the soft skin between thumb and forefinger will be over this delicate area.

If you still find it hard to get a good grip, use some talc or dish washing gloves (maybe a small section cut out) or, as i do, a bit of soft material wrapped around the head.

I’m not sure the latest DLD exercises is really a newbie exercise, despite what DLD says himself. The stretch requires a PC muscle in good shape and I’m not sure length gains will happen that quickly without. I’ve only tried it once and I found it quite hard to keep going (despite a lot of kegeling). I should think for a newbie it’ll just be a PC exercise but despite what I posted before in another thread I don’t think it will hurt you.

Jelqing without warming up will hinder gains and increase the chances of injury, there is a qualitative difference in the ability to stretch the tissue (and ligs) post a good warm up.

I’m not an expert. I have read just about every post on this forum. In fact I’m on my third reading right now.

I gained a 1/2” inch in a month doing fifteen minutes five days a week when I was a newbie.

maybe you could post a good 15 min routine, walter.

5min hotwrap, 5 min jelq, 5 min hotwrap?


Ok it’s confession time I have never ever done a hot wrap but don’t get me wrong if you got the time and the privacy the hot wrap is the way to go. I usually just sort of massage my dick to a fluffy state and than start easy jelqing and than go to hard jelqing than squeezes. To only jelqing and squeezes in that 15 and do your stretches in bed and when you go to the bathroom during the day.


And yet you’ve not posted an injury report, just a pooped report ;)

Could you fluff out your reply a little? Do you build up the jelqs slowly or do you massage lightly jelq and then go at it full on. Have you ever used any warming technique? As a newbie did you find that you created a lot of discoloration and do you now?


I only hurt a vein once and it was very minor that was when I was a newbie, probably from not using a hot wrap :)
I just make sure he’s full of blood before I start you know you wouldn’t start jelqing with cold pool dick. Right now I’m doing a half hour a day 5 days. I start with getting the fluffy and than I start out slow at about 60% erection than I go harder with a nice pull for length, this all last for about 15 min. Than I get fully erect “newbies take care you can blow out a vein easy with full erect exercises”
Now I alternate between full erect jelqing and squeezes. I do a modified horse squeeze and a full erect jelq squeeze and some regular squeezes and I mix it all up with the full erect jelqing. This last for 15. I do all my stretching in the shower and the bathroom and in my bed. I have started doing some of DLD stretches. Well that it that’s all the time I can spare for PE in a couple of months I will know the results




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