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Pooped 1 Eyed Trouser Snake

Pooped 1 Eyed Trouser Snake

Hey Guys

I was so fired up with the new years I was going to double my efforts, well junior has other plans he wants a rest. The unit is all beat up from those jelq squeezes they waste my unit but I can’t stop doing them they are really great for girth. But I notice whenever I get a little to gung ho with them I notice it takes me longer to get 100 percent hard once I get there it’s ok this happened about 6 weeks ago and I was going to take two weeks off which turned into 4 days. So I’m going to take another 2 weeks off which will most likely be 4 days. Because really what’s the use of a big fat penis if it’s to beat up to work right.


yea man, VERY true indeed. Those squeezes (especially the two handed ones …..the only girth exercise…well actually the ONLY exercise I’m currently doing) are a very intense exercise if done correctly. I get pretty spotty (red spots) almost every workout and it stays plump most of the next day (I do them at night).

Red Spots

Thats why I try to alternate between stretch and squeeze work-out days. I usually get those tiny blood spots from head to base. This is one of the ways that I know that pressure has been applied through out the unit. I do the squeezes in the morning shower and the swell usually lasts into the morning boner. I get a little freaked by the spots, and I can’t imagine a newbie trying this excercise; but the girth gains are phenomenal.

I have noticed though, that after a few rest days, the erect girth seems to go down. The flacid state remains impressive. During work out days the tool looks fat but feels slightly spongy. Have you experienced the same phenomena?


I notice that you’re from NY, where it’s been cold lately. Recently, I took a look at my half-frozen pecker to check the effect of the “shrink factor” and the core had condensed to a hard sponge tube that was surrounded by loose wrinlkly skin. Weird!

Being that I like the cold, I keep my apt. cool. When walking around the place naked, after a shower, I get a different effect. This time the pecker has no loose skin but looks like a tight, but very acordianed sausage. Flacid length is respectable and so is the girth considering.

I can’t help but think about the dreaded speedo bathing trunk at the beach scenario. The one where a guy comes out of the cold ocean only to disapoint the chicks. It seems that PE might dimminish the effects of the cold water.

What do you think?

Still, clue me in...

I might be an ignorant fuck, but what is a 2-handed squeeze? I heard of it before but never really got an explanation. How do you perform that exercise?

Maybe I should post the question in the Newbie Section….lmao.


Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

2 Hand

This is what I do for this routine:
I like to get super hard, give “it” a few hard squeezes, then let it subside to 60%. I believe that the “full hard” part of my process saturates my penis with blood and therefore “primes” it for my jelqing. At 60%, I “OK” the base with my left hand and then “OK” it again with my right. As I slide my right hand towards the head, I close one finger after another on my left hand as my right moves forward. When I get to the point that I estimate leaves me enough room, I close one finger after another till my pinkie rests just below the head; squeezing each finger as hard as I can or as much as my penis can handle. Once my right hand is closed, I milk the blood from one hand to another with tight alternating squeezes. After about a minute, or less, I repeat the whole process. The most important thing about this method is finding that sweet spot that gives me the greatest feeling of engorgement. The penis must be spongy but not hard. The most difficult part is keeping that level of erection. Too much or too little and you won’t get the same results.

I’ve gotten great girth gains but minor length gains, which is what I wanted in my “Stage 2” of my PE.

2 handed squeeze...

Very simple exercise Uncut. I simply get just under fully erect (to expand the tissues BEYOND what theyre used to which is what you want)….then with the “ok” grip …pointer finger and thumb facing my pelvis, with one hand I squeeze it off as tight as I can, then I take my other hand and again using my thumb and first finger squeeze off this time right behind the glans….on the sides of the part of your penis right where the glans separates from the shaft. I’ll hold each squeeze for about 10 seconds, release my grip, do a kegel or two, quickly regrip with both hands and squeeze again, repeating the 10 second hold. Usually by the second squeeze I will need to massage myself back to the right erectness level (the 90% level). I do these for a total of 30 minutes rather than keeping track of how many squeezes I do. This exercise as I’ve said before is the only one I am doing for at least the next four months (I’m in the experiment!).

Thanks, guys!

Still & Mnemmon,

thanks a lot for the quick, detailed reply. I know this one just as The Squeeze. I thought you were talking about something new. But appearantly I have used this exercise for over a year now. It’s a great one for girth, but also gives you a tremendous amount of red spots.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to waste your time, guys.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


I do the jelq squeezes a little different, I get full errect and kegal
grab the base with the ok grab, then I take the other hand do a squeeze and than jelq up to the head, you dont release the squeeze until after the jelq. These are dick killers but I have gotten really good girth gains. “Warning to newbies if you try this you will hurt yourself”


i’m a newbie and i do these. i get red spots but that’s it.


Yeah, correct term for those wee spots. Listen, guys - they come and go. If you squeeze too hard, you get a tiny bleed, and that’s what these are. If you ease up a bit so the tissues get used to the expansion, petechiae are less likely to occur. Some guys do a long hot wrap or wanking even works for some because the tissues are either expanded further by heat or massaged so the leaked blood spreads. However, it’s best to ease off a bit as you don’t want to punish your willy too much - he is your closest friend!

Peace to all



Be carefull ok PE is long term don’t push it to hard that’s how we get hurt I have had several minor injuries and they have all been from pushing a little to hard. I can only warn you. I should follow my own advice but I tend to push the safety limits myself. That’s why I have take time off right now but the snake is feeling better and I’m looking for wen or thur return to action.


back to the grind today, it was very hard to start back, after 5 days off I didn’t feel like doing it. BUT I DID!!



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