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I may have to tell...


Btw - I like to use this excuse.

“Look, would you rather me go under the knife or something? It’s not like I am getting implants or something, I am doing manual exercise techniques to try and enlarge my penis, not taking some magical pill or having a doctor cut me open”

I am sure if there was a way your wife could get bigger tits by massaging them and stretching them versus having saline bags stuck in her chest, she would.

You can always use that route :)

She can. It’s called Brava—vacuum pumps for the tits.

Ive heard of that, costs an absolute fortune


!No diseque sus testículos!

Tell her that it works similair to PE: if you rub her breasts they will grow.

If it doesn’t work, at least you will get to feel her up a lot. :)

Although it’s impossible for anyone here to really get a feel for your relationship and how she would react to your telling her the truth, remember a couple things when making your decision:

1) People are horrendous at keeping secrets. I would stake very much that if you tell your wife that you PE, her girlfriends will know about it eventually. I’ve learned that even women who don’t seem as though they would, talk about sex a lot more than I find comforting. (This is especially caused by a catalyst woman in the group, i.e., the horny/slutty one. But enough Berkeley psych for now.)

2) This sounds simple and stupid, but you only have to let the “tell her side” get to you once, and you can never untell her. So if you tell her, have it be after you’ve really deliberated and made up your mind—not after you’ve gotten the urge on a whim.

And if after you’ve tried to make it work for a while but it’s not happening, I like sparky’s idea of a half-truth, saying nothing of penis size but giving an ostensible explanation for what you’re doing.

Good luck pal.

Originally Posted by dmitri

1) People are horrendous at keeping secrets. I would stake very much that if you tell your wife that you PE, her girlfriends will know about it eventually.

Once this happens they get all intrigued and end up wanting a threesome with the “hung” husband :D

Tell her man it’s fun…….I like it when I catch Eve taking a quick peep while I’m Jelqing.

I was actually going to hold out until she realized a change. Our relationship is strong, but I like to keep things like this to myself. She likes sex a great deal and when it gets hot she is hot hot hot. But, she is not the kind of woman that would obsess over my penis. Maybe I’ve not done enough to make her, but she does not do it on her own. We have been together since high school and probably don’t have enough experience with other partners (for what that is worth).

I’ve been able to manage to squeeze in PE here and there. I’ll see how it goes. The penis health is a good path to go down, but then again so is the complete truth. Lots of great advice here. I appreciate it.

Although I am not in the direct same boat as you, I’ve told my friends about my PE routine when I started last year and they laughed at me- and would crack jokes. However, when I was alone with one of them he would begin to quit joking and show curiosity “So what do you do exactly…?” I’d give him a blank answer “well you just tear down and repair tissue repeatedly.” Which sorta shut him up since he has no idea what to say to that response.

Then the whole joke just died down in 2004 “Hey you’re not still doing those ‘exercises’ are you?” they would say to me.

One time I mentioned a hanger to my other friend and he called me insane- which told me to back off on the conversation right away, so I just said “So I probably won’t get one, but I think they do make them…” (hangers).

Where there is a will there is a way- if you find an area of her insecurity you might be able to match it with your claim to PEing.

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