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I dont understand

I dont understand

Everyone is always talking about uli and jelqing, whats the difference, i don’t get it, they seem to be the same, people say they see this tremendous swell from Uli, but i don’t I don’t know whats wrong, i want to get that pump as well. Please help!

I had a hard time understanding the difference between them. Jelqing involves compression and movement in a continuous motion from the base to the head. As I underestand the Uli it is more of a squeeze technique not involving sliding the grip towards the glans.

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Jelqing involves stroking movements that compress blood in the corpora cavernosa and expand them under pressure. The grip isn’t tight enough to prevent some blood from slipping through as the stroke moves toward the glans. Jelqing strokes are usually done the full length of the penis.

Uli’s exercise involves clamping the base of the penis to prevent any blood movement out of the shaft after using Kegel’s exercise to pump it full and short (one inch/2.5 cm) strokes which creates a tremendous increase in pressure. Many use a “Uli thing” or clamp to keep blood in the shaft while doing Ulis.

Here is a post I made which contains links to the original posts on Ulis and other “head” exercises.

Look at that, I learned something!

I always assumed that I was jelqing, but now realized that my routine primarily consists of Uli’s and v-stretches. Uli’s feel as though they are far more intense than jelqs and have increased my girth quite a bit in a short time (~0.4” in a little over a month).


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