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How soft is your flaccid

How soft is your flaccid

Ok, I decided to take a decon break, so I am off PE, and I believe I slightly overtrained.

But the question is this- how soft is your flaccid ?

I can squeeze my flaccid to about 5 mm if you know what I mean.

I have a very hard tunica and I usually don’t get any expansion by jelqing ( I believe I should do stretching and V stretches before jelqing)


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I’m like the same way, I haven’t measured it as tight as I can flaccid but it definitely could be that small. I only experience this with absolute 0.0000% arousal. If my girl is in the room it cant get that soft. I don’t normally touch my penis when a girl I’m into is in the room, but when I do it doesn’t get that soft.

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Originally Posted by dickenss

I can squeeze my flaccid to about 5 mm if you know what I mean.

Explain, please.

Originally Posted by dickenss
But the question is this- how soft is your flaccid ?

Why does it matter?

You can’t predict anything, or tell what exercises are best for you, by such a vague “measure.”

Enjoy your break and stop stressing over your dick.

18 centimetres soft…

Thanks ! I am not stressing over my dick, I am just curious because I think it was softer before !

What I mean is when you put fingers on top and bottom of the shaft and press them together !

I kinda feel like a tube inside, I don’t know, I just thought that tunica was supposed to be super thin !

I rarely ever have a “soft” flaccid. I had an accident about 10 years ago and I don’t know if that affected it but it’s not really loose and floppy like some penises appear to be. And I can rarely ever get a BPFSL because it’s just not soft enough to pull very far.

It’s certainly possible to feel the inner structures of the penis when it’s flaccid. You might feel the septum (where the two tunica cylinders of the corpora cavernosa touch each other) or the urethra or the trabecular network or anything else. It’s not unusual nor does it mean anything is wrong. As long as your dick gets hard when you want it to, doesn’t stay that way any longer than you need, and then returns to something compact and easy to carry then one shouldn’t worry about how it feels or looks. IMO. :)

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