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How long to ADS

How long to ADS

A question for those who do ADS. How long do you keep the stretcher on before restoring circulation? What, if any side effects have you noticed after taking it off, for example, tingling in the head or “pins and needles”?

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You really need to be carefull when using an ADS device. It really depends upon the type of device being used, but you should check it at least every hour and if there is any tingling or numbness, remove it and restore circulation before starting again.

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Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I can’t do it very long before developing fluid buildup in whatever wasn’t wrapped at the tip. Looks like a huge blister but no pain. Gave it up for now - may try again later.


I had the same problem at first.

If you are using the Thera ADS, try starting the cloth wrap as close to the tip of the head as you can, so it completely covers that pesky area under the glans that likes to bubble. Then wrap the Thera starting on the coronal ridge or just behind it as shown in Lil’s tutorial.

Peppy 69,

My ADS “sets”, using Thera and cloth, are usually limited by skin soreness under the wrap on the days I ADS after hanging. It starts out just fine but begins stinging anywhere from 20 min. to an hour, depending on how worn out the skin is from hanging. I unwrap the ADS, rest a few minutes, reattach, and can then go for another 20 to 60 min. until the skin pain returns.

Recently after a day off from PE (meaning rested skin), I ADS’d for 5 hours with no discomfort. I kept a close eye on head temperature, color and sensitivity. Though everything seemed fine, I unwrapped for a few minutes every 1.5 to 2 hours to fully restore circulation just to be safe.

The only side effect I notice upon unwrapping is a slightly darker and cooler head ahead of the wrap, though not dark or cool enough to worry about. A few light jelqs restore normal color and temperature. I have no tingling, loss of sensitivity or anything else abnormal during or after.

When I first toyed with ADS months ago, I miscalculated the tension needed and overdid it. That session resulted in reduced head sensitivity which cleared up in a few hours. Start out with lighter tension than you think you need.

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