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How do you measure?

How do you measure?

When measuring BPFSL standing up, How do you measure?

I have found that if you bend your knees a little while trying to push your penis up and out, You can add 1/4” to your measurement.

So how do you measure? Do you just stand straight up and pull it out? Or do you go for the absolute maximum measurement?

I personally would go for the maximum measurment since there are less variables.

Sucking in your stomach, leaning back, flexing abs all seem to give a little extra measurement.

Horny Bastard

The standard answer is: “It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do it the same way every time.” So if you need to get into an unusual position just to add 1/4”, then you must get into that position every time for your future measurements to mean anything.

I too do it for the max measurement i can get to lessen the different types of measurements. I sit on the seat with my ass on the edge of the chair and torso leaned all the way back then continue to take a bone pressed measurement with ruler pressed along the top right side of my dick.

Some may call it cheating but thats the way i’ve always measured so im just going to stick with whats accurate for me.

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I don’t do it for the maximum measurement. I’ve always done it standing with a straight back and with my penis at a right-angle to my body. I thought that was how everyone did it.

I always thought we had to do it the ‘clinical’ way.

I saw the first of the three ‘penis documentaries’ last night and it showed a surgeon measuring his client’s penis by pulling out the flaccid to it’s maximum stretch.

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I measure from the back of the taint. I am consistently 9 inches this way, lol.. When I want to be serious, though, bone pressed at about 2 o’clock around the base (not right on top, there are sensitive nerves there.)

I stand straight up. I typically measure before and after hanging. I put the hanger on and pull it while pushing the ruler (top measurement) until the pain is almost unbearable. I move the end up and down a little and take the largest measurement. I repeat this 3 times and take the largest measurement. I know I am gaining when I can reach this measurement without maximum pain. I am planing to exchange my plastic ruler for a 1/2” wooden dowel (calibrated) and placing the dowel just off center.

I also measure my pumped length still in the tube. IMO this is the most precise measurement. It is also a nice prelude to an evening with Mrs. sheLovesIt.

Mr. sheLovesIt

I have a perfect 14 inch erect length mattress pressed. I do this by lying down and spreading my legs slightly, stick the yardstick between my legs just under my scrotum. Press the yardstick into the mattress until the 14 inch mark lines up with the head of the penis.

Just kidding. I measure it just like I read how in the faq and other information here. Bone pressed along the top of the penis.

You could always measure mine instead of yours. That would be quite a bit longer than you are used to.

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