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How do you know if you're doing it correctly


I am glad you are seeing results. I did not mean to sound like a whiner and I know that I overstated the case that no one ever paid attention to me in the past. But sometimes people keep doing other things and asking questions that I tried to answer dozens of times. Certainly not that I am a know it all or that I am right, just that I felt some did not even try the advice. If someone tries and find another way that works better for them then by all means that is fine. We are all on in this together and should share our experiences both good and bad. So I did not mean to sound so negative when I vented lol.

As for the abs, well as you know the main factor that exposes them is low body fat. Yes crunches and ab work will help build them up and that area hopefully will come into play. Additionally however, the shape of abs to vary from one person to another (just look at body builders to see the variation of the way they line up). I guess keep being consistent and persistent along with patient and see what happens.


Yesterday when doing PE I realized I do something else.

I get fully hard, flex the PC, and additionally use my fingers to push up the area between the testicles and anus to also fully inflate the penis, and then clamp down. This extra push underneath along with flexing the pc will expand the penis beyond a regular erection, and then trapping it with the reverse ok grip will make it as full as possible. Then you can do the uli as I said.

dance and bigeight


Your posts are the ones that actually made me understand the Ulis better after the routine broke out and I wasn’t able to do it effectively. I used a lot of what you (and others) posted on and developed routines of my own. I do see that a lot of really good advice from you sometimes does go unnoticed, but I for one take time to read every word of a post if it has your name on it. I am glad to see that you seem to be having a little bit of success for all of the hard work you’ve been putting in.


Something that I’ve had success with when jelqing its do kind of a hybrid Uli-jelq thing. If you’ve read my routine it’s jelq stroke #2. Basically, after a few minutes of light to medium-strength jelqing, you get engorged, kegel and grab the base as Dance described about the Uli. Then with your free hand, jelq the rest of your shaft (but not TOO hard or you’ll rupture something I promise you!). This must be done with lube.



Hey Dance,

I’ve got a question. Over the weekend I hung three sets of 15 minutes for three days straight. I rested on the fourth day which was yesterday. I didn’t feel that fatigue you were talking about but I rested any how because I didn’t want to rush into things. Here’s how it went:

2 sets of 15 minutes with 12.5lbs
1 set of 15 minutes with 10lbs

I was a little sore after each session but was able to start back at 12.5lbs each day. I didn’t want to over do it like I mentioned above. Now should I add one more set or should I keep going until I can’t go no more? I believe adding one more set will be all I’ll be able to do seeing that I have limited time constriants. But if I kept going until I really felt a fatigue hurt me? For example, if I was able to go 5 or 6 days straight without feeling a fatigue. Or should I just increase the weight to 15lbs and see if I can handle that? Now my penis is sore after I have finished the three sets it’s just the next day it’s not sore but tingles here and there. It’s shriveled more so than it’s normal flaccid state so I figured I was on the right track. Also I hang standing up and bending over on a stoll for support. I haven’t tried the laying down hangs yet cause I figured I’ll work my way up to that. So what do you think?

And thanks to everybody else for their input.

Well it is always a good idea to proceed carefully. Also, this is a good type of question for the hanging forum. That way you will be more likely to hear from Bib as well. Hopefully he will chime in here if he sees this question here as well.

First, move to 20- minute sets, which will help you with your time restraints. Then yes add another set if you can keep hanging. As for hanging days in a row I don’t see a problem. I used to hang day after day for 6 days with no problem. I think you should take at least one day off though. I was not concentrating on fatiguing it properly though. If you are going for the fatigued feeling, and finally get this down, then you will probably have to stop sooner, or at least change to another angle. No it will not hurt you to keep hanging until you get fatigued. That is the goal.

As for the weight, just try and add small amounts. Maybe one pound or so and see how it goes. If it is too much then you can easily take it off. Walmart has one pound dumbbells or you can use a water jug and then add smaller increments. A gallon weighs about 8.3 pounds so just divide it up. You also don’t lower the weight just because sets are proceeding unless you have too.

Don’t be too concerned with the amount of weight. Some days you can hang heavy and other days you can’t. Just develop the ability to determine what is the correct amount for that particular hang (as much as you can without hurting in a painful way). You have to know the difference between a good soreness and bad pain.

I don’t know about lying down, I never did that. Perhaps you mean hanging between the cheeks, which is reclining. Start by getting a chair and propping it up with pillows so you can sit on the edge and let the weight hang strait down. Then after you get the hang of that you can elevate your feet more and more until the weight is hanging between your butt cheeks. However, work up to that and you must lower the weight when you finally try that, because it is more intense. Additionally, you will fatigue much quicker that way too. So,

Move up in weight slowly and cautiously.
Move to 20-minute sets.
Do more sets if you can.
Hang sitting rather than standing.


Thanks for the advice. I will go 20 minutes rather than 15 minutes. Hang as many days as possible and I will sit rather than stand while hanging. Thanks again. I’ll post my progress.

Hi guys !

I have a question for the europeans from you : how many lbs is 1 kilogramm ?

Thanks a lot wantmore

lb =kg

Hi wantmore, 2.2 lb = approx 1kg

keeep going!

@ Dance


I do my Uli´s the same way as you and i have a question:

Do you fell some pain in the head when the pressure is at its maximum?I do.


Hehe, dongers, a year late reply ;) Hopefully he figured it out before this day.

But thanks for bumping this thread, good one!


pain is bad, ease up a bit on the preasure to the point just below the pain. You´re supposed to feel filled to the point of almost bursting, but no actual pain.

Hey, dongers gets credit and a pat on the back for either finding and using the search button at the top right of the page, or at least browsing through past posts.

There’s plenty of good info available here. All one has to do is look it up and read it.


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