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How do you know if you're doing it correctly


How do you know if you're doing it correctly

I’m about to embark upon one year of PEing and the only thing I have gained is a healthier penis. Which is good but of course we all are doing this to most importantly get larger. With that said I would like to know if I’m doing these exercises correctly.

1. After I jelq my penis doesn’t stay engourged with blood for hours like some of these guys have said their’s have. Maybe 5 minutes tops. Does this mean that I’m not working it out enough or applying enough stress on the penis?

2. When I kegal I don’t get on hard but I get on soft. Is that normal? Now when I reverse kegal it seems to fill up with blood.

3. When I hang (10 lbs) upon finishing it’s not always longer. Is that normal?

Thanks for the help. I wanted to give things time before I started asking questions seeing that it takes time to get results. I pray that I’m not a slow gainer but lately here I figure if I increase the intesity and lesson the time spent that I should see better gains. For example instead of 10 lbs for 15 minutes, 15 lbs for 10 minutes and then 20 lbs for 10 minutes and so on and so on. Of course warm up with the 10 lbs to get my penis adjusted. Instead of jelqing for one hour do 250 good reps and then add on some 10 or 20 good squeezes (10 second counts). Once again thanks for the feedback since I know I will get a lot.

Love this smiling icon :)

1. Same here. The only thing which lasts for hours is
the “Donut Effect”, that accumilation of fluids. Perhaps it depends
on your personal anatomy where blood flows more easily out of
the penis. Tell me this: on erection, is your head somewhat small
compared to when kegeled ? Is it hard to keep it “inflated” ?

2. reverse kegel ? What is that ?

Are you doing jelq soft ? Try to get at least a 50% erection,
but don’t go too high, it’s dangerous. The more erect you are, the more effective the jelq will be. IMO, if you meant a reverse
jelq - that’s not too safe either.


Okay I have never had a donut effect. It’s full of blood and looks like it looks on 100% erect but yet it’s flaccid. So does that mean I’m doing it wrong? Should I always have the donut effect? I saw that on Hubbard’s site and was wondering about that.

Normally when I do kegals I’m at work or driving or while warming up so I’m flaccid. My penis would pull in everytime I do a kegal. As far as reverse kegals instead of squeeze I push out like I’m trying to take a piss. It’s kind of hard to do and sometimes I can get right but at others I think I’m doing it wrong. After I stop kegaling sometimes it fills back up with blood for a little while.

I’m just trying to make sure I don’t go another year doing things the wrong way.

I use the okay sign to do the jelqs and I use vaseline for lube. I’m normally at 50% to 60% erect and I have to continuously stop to stimulate to get back to that state. I can do about 50 jelqs before I have to stop and pump back up. Don’t know. It wasn’t always like that. I used to have to stop so I wouldn’t get 100% erect but now I have to stop to do the opposite. Thanks for the reply. Let me know what you think. Anybody’s view point would be appreciated.

Maybe I've been doing this Kegal thing wrong

I just went to that reread the kegals and how to do them I thought that you should feel it in your penis not close to your anus. When I looked at the diagram that exactly where the PC muscle is locate right above your anus. I would always do them and feel it in my penis as it would flex when I would do them.

So am I still lost or am I correct because right now I just did a bunch focusing mentally on that area and it’s warm and hot right now from working it out. Some feed back please. If somebody wants to instant message me I’ll be online until 3:30 EST.


Hey bigeight,
Man a whole year and no gain? I wouldn’t say for sure that you were not doing the exercises correctly, but what you were doing was not working for you.
As far as the hanging goes, you have the Master Hanger available for help in the Hanger’s Forum. Post there asking for his help with your hanging routine, give him as much information as possible to start out with. Then, try the advice he gives you. If you are unclear about something regarding hanging, ask again.
Also, have you checked this FAQ site?

Penis Enlargement FAQ

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

You’re probably right Thunder. I’ve just got to find out what will work for me. I went to that link and found a wealth of knowledge. I also had planned on going back to the basics because I bought Big Al’s program and that’s how I got to the Peforums and from that forum got here. I’ve been trying to make the big hanger but have had limited luck so today I had planned on going back to the store to get some more supplies. The one on the link you gave me might be the one for me since it seems that it’s more flexable than pvc piping is. With the hanging ordeal I never knew that discussion was there with Phat and Dance and there discussion helped a lot. I believe that I fall in their category as far as hard gainers. I also believe that I was doing some of the exercises wrong. Though I’ve read BA’s program over and over again it wasn’t until I saw the picture of where the PC muscles are at to I realized where my focus should be. I know BA has short films on his site so I’m going to have to look at them again as far as jelqing goes. I think I’m going to hang though and do jelqing while resting from hanging. Thanks for the reply.


Hey bigeight,

An excellent choice. I was going to suggest you give Big Al’s site a try. A lot of guys that stop gaining have had good luck with Big Al’s program. If you don’t understand something on his site, send him an email or post here or on PE Forums.

Also, Bib and a lot of other hangers will help out with any hanging questions you come up with.

Good luck with your gains!

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Big eight,
I am glad you found that conversation between Phat and I. There were other parts to it that were lost, but there really is great information there (for those that don’t know it is in the best posts section of other board). However, you must have missed something. Go back and read it again. Don’t start light and get heavier do the opposite. Thunder’s advice is the way to go as far as go to the hanging forum and lay out your current hanging routine and ask Bib for advice to get you on track. I will chime in when I think I have something to add also.

As for the PC thing I have advocated something that people either ignore or disagree with for years. Becoming erect is not the goal of flexing your PC. You have correctly located the PC, and it is deep inside your body as well. When you flex the PC secondarily or involuntarily it may cause your anus or penis to move, but you should try to do it in a way that they don’t or as little as possible. Yes there is an ancient way called “tightening your anus” but that is a misunderstanding and also different. After you have mastered the PC and can have orgasms without ejaculating you can also tighten your anus and gently clinch the back of your teeth to get an intense orgasm, but that is also different. If you are going for control then do the deep PC exercises.

Having said that, you can also work on your penis as well. Yes you an flex the pc and inflate your penis and expand it etc. You can stand up and keep an erection by flexing the pc and even put a small towel on it for weight. My point is that this is also a different exercise. There are tons of variations of working the PC. Just mix and match. Sometimes work deep and other times work on your penis if you like.

Now as to how you will feel afterwards. Sometimes your penis is worked out so hard it sort of reverses itself and shrinks. This doesn’t mean you did not work it enough, but may mean the opposite, that you did a good job. Others react differently as well.

My opinion is different than many in the following. I don’t believe jelqing is nearly as effective as ulies. I believe the difference between jelqing and uli is like manual stretching and hanging. Yes you can expand a little from jelqing but no way near the same as uli. Yes others can say, “wait a minute Dance I can blah blah blah.” However, there is no way you can stretch the tunica in the same way. Jelqing can and has worked great for many people, but it did nothing for me after over a year. At the most 1/8 but I lost that. Don’t bother suggesting I did it wrong either cause I tried every variation and did it a ton. So Jelq for health and circulation and you may get some gains as well, but I don’t think you need to jelq for an hour. Jelq for a while and then switch and work more with the uli and then you can advance to the uli thing and wrap that we have been talking about.

Then work on perfecting a hanging technique. I understand financial problems, but if this truly is important to you then you can justify buying a hanger. What do you spend that same amount of money on and how long will you be hanging? So buy the hanger, get on track, work more with ulies.

Good luck,


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Hey Dance thanks for the info. There seems to be so many threads out there trying to explain the uli. Is there one in particular that you recommend for me to read that will give the best info. I saw that Uli thing that you can make wasn’t quite sure on how to use it though. Thanks for the info. I’ll be saving up for the Bib hanger that he is selling. Until then I’ll have to make the one he has posted. Thanks for the reply and you’ll be seeing me on the hangers forum.

Thanks Thunder,

Yes you are correct in that there are many explanations. There are also many varieties. The term Uli has been used to explain a whole bunch of simular exercises, all meant to expand the penis from the inside through pressure. I am not going to recommend a thread because I don’t believe there is a good one. I have written about my version for over a year and it just falls from the wayside and people just ignore it. If they want to keep grabbing and moving their hand forward toward the head then let them. That just will not work for me. Don’t get it and never did. I think that is just dead wrong. However, if people get results then who am I to argue.

For your benefit here once again is my version. Just get fully hard, grab the base with a reverse OK grip, and before you totally tighten flex your PC and fully inflate the penis and then grab tight. Then you use the remaining fingers and if you like the other hand to fully expand the penis. If you do this right you will see what I mean about jelqing not even coming close to the level of expansion. I used to do short spurts of one or two seconds but now think 30 seconds or a minute is better for you to start at this time. Be careful with it at first and work up to the pressure.

I think this is also head and shoulders above squeezes as well. I don’t understand why people do squeezes. I mean do you want a huge mid shaft and tiny head? No. Just do this uli. Before you advance to the uli thing I would work with this until your penis gets used to it. Then after a while you can work with the wrap and then use the hanger as a uli thing or make your own.


Now Dance correct me if I’m wrong.

Get 100% erect.
Use the okay sign and grasp you penis.
Oh before do a flex of the pc muscles.
Then pull forward push the blood towards the head of the penis.
Hold for 30 seconds.

Then repeat for 10, 20, 50 times????

Thanks for the help it’s really bringing my motivation back up seeing that it’s been low due to no results other than a healthier looking penis.

No Big,

you don’t move your hand forward, you close it slowly, as when you were making a fist. You’ll increase the pressure with this move a lot, more than jelquing can do. I, personally, use a combination between the two.

Dance, I think you’re absolutely right about your theory and the ULI thing. You do need to expand your dick above its highest capacity. That’s when the breakdown of the cells begins, I can imagine.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Yes Uncut stated my theory. It is the moving forward that I always did not understand or agree with. First of all you lose the pressure and secondly that means you did not have a full enough erection. That’s why they move forward, because they are not erect enough. If you do like I say you will not be able to move forward because it is absolutely totally expanded and full.

Uncut, I have never been sure about the cell theory. I don’t know it if all the talk about cells is right or not. I think mostly PE is a matter of stretching either the tunica or ligament. We should ask the guys what they think about that.

Hey Dance

You are wrong. I, for one, have listened to each of your posts and followed them over the past 20 months. Sorry I did not communicate this to you more clearly in the past. Perhaps because we were both around the same beginning size and started around the same time. Both of us have done the jelq and other routines with limited results. I am currently doing your present routines now and seeing some improvement. I have high regard for your advise.

Now, for another one of your expertise areas, my abs are just starting to peek through. However, the very upper and very lower abs are more pronounced (on some days) but the very center is sort of empty… Is this a case of genetics, or will continued focussed crunches eventually build up this center area? Tell me your secret.

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