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How do I measure gains?

How do I measure gains?

No, the question I am asking is not THAT simple.

I just want to know how to measure my gains (more specifically in girth) if I always find temporary gains to be apperent after a day of PE’ing. I find that after finishing my pe’ing my girth is about 1/4 an inch bigger than usual. So when do you guys all do your measurements? On your day off? I really wanna make sure the gains I DO measure are CEMENTED gains.

Yes, we generally measure on off days.


Originally Posted by Johnnno

No, the question I am asking is not THAT simple.

%$#@ it! I was all set to give a a highly clever and origional, “with a ruler!”

Running a Massive Co-Front.

iamaru that made me laugh sooo hard. Hey Glandmaster that link isn’t going anywhere for me, mind reposting?

*Hi, you’ve reached GlandMaster, from Thunder’s Place.

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