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Honest measuring, or how I just lost 1/4"

Honest measuring, or how I just lost 1/4"

At some point, measuring the morning wood struck me as a sensible way to keep track of progress (or lack thereof). Unable to think of any credible explanation to my wife for a ruler at my bedside (other than the truth, and let’s not go there), I discreetly marked the binding of a paperback book at 7-1/2”, which I was getting pretty close to by the ruler (and am now past, by the ruler).

Lo and behold, the “book” measurement was significantly shorter! (At least I was still over 7 ;-)

Finally I did some comparisons, and realized that the only way I could get the same “honest” measurement with a ruler involved holding it halfway between vertical and horizontal - in other words, not flat on the top, where it sinks under the pubic bone (but is still bone-pressed), and not on the side, where I couldn’t read it.

My thought is to change my site to advise “two-step” measurement - mark a book (or 2x4 ;-), measure the book; mark a string, measure the string. You can’t really jigger “book” measurements by pressing harder, but you can get aggressive with the ruler and add a few millimeters. And with the book you don’t have the numbers staring back at you while measuring.

Any thoughts?

(Yeah, I know this puts my measurements at odds with everyone else using rulers, but doesn’t this make sense? I mean, is your goal to compare yourself that precisely with everyone else — or rather establish a reliable way to see your own gains?)

Whatever works, I’d just say stick to the same ruler, posture time of day, angle of ruler.

I noticed that different rulers give diferent measurements up to 1/8” even with all the other variables as constant as possible. Reason?? Well the width and thickness of the ruler plays a role.

The thicker and wider the ruler the shorter the measurement. The thinner and more narrow the ruler the more one is able to push in and get real close to bone. However I have never noted more than 1/8” difference in rulers. Now your book that you press in is likely to have more surface area than the edge of a ruler so I’m not surprised that you would get a more notable discrepency. If this worries you you could always do what Newbie does and do only nbp - It might make the debating back and forth more interesting if he had someone on his side. Cheers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hey Tom,

I took a one inch diameter dowel 4’ long and cut it up into lengths at 1/4” intervals (9”, 9 1/4”, 9 1/2”, 9 3/4”, 10”) and sanded the edges. The one inch diameter makes the bone press consistent and comfortable. I use them to measure flaccid stretch. They give me an observable goal and theyr’e accurate, I either reach the end or I don’t. It’s also a treat to put one away and take up the next size, gives a sense of accomplishment.



As far as the BP vs NBP argument it is of course personal preference. I prefer to have a positive STOP (the bone) so that I cannot cheat my measuring. I have found that it is necessary to use the SAME point on the bone as reference as the bone is curved and that effects repeatability.

Now, BP is not the amount of penis that is usable for sex. BUT, guess what, neither is NBP! Unless you bottom out in a womans vagina (an experience I recently enjoyed for the first time in my life) then some degree of “press” occurs and the actual amount of penis inside a vagina is MORE than NBP suggests. To see what I mean just get erect and press towards the bone on either side of the shaft with the amount of pressure your wife or girlfriends vagina presses on you during sex

Note: unless bottoming out if you do not feel this maybe you aren’t doing IT right :)

I see at LEAST and additional 1/4”.

Also, I think Moth is on to something with the dowels as it creates enough surface area to create a solid and repeatable point of reference. The thin edge of a ruler can be manipulated. Of course regarding Moth… ANYONE that uses 9 inches in ANY way to describe their penis does NOT need PE… hahaha


Yeah, yeah, tell it to Bib.

Later man,



I admire the subtle ruse of using a marked, bedside book to measure morning wood (does she remark when you begin “reading” at 6:15 AM?) but think you should consider carefully the non-relationship between reading matter and cock size. If, for example, you bone-pressed the Random House Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language (mine weighs at least 9 lbs and is longer and thicker than any cock registered at this site; try bone-pressing that sucker), you’d probably get a very different reading from measuring against, say, The Collected Poety of avocet8.

I like Moth’s dowel idea. Doesn’t squash your groin. Is consistant. You could also (by keeping two simlarly-sized ones at bedside) say at any time, “Honey, I am ready for my egg rolls.”

Thanks for the post. Gave me some smiles.




Moth, that’s brilliant!

(How’d you get so big?)

Instead of expensive dowel, I cut and sanded a piece of furring (1”x2”). I’m not as bad off as I thought… ;-)

My book is “The Talmud and the Internet : A Journey Between Worlds.” I sort of read it, but now seeing the reviews on Amazon, I supose I should REALLY read it…

What’s this about egg rolls? Am I just dense or something? I don’t get it….

Hey Tom,

I started around 7”. I read an article, 20 yrs ago, that said if you wanted to know how big your erection could be stetch it out soft and measure it. That would give you the top end. I stuck a ruler on my pubic bone (it seemed to me that it was the limiting factor) and I remember trying really hard to make it hit 8”. No matter what contortions I went through I couldn’t get there. At the time flaccid stretch must have been ~7 3/4”. My erection was slightly over 7”. I never measured girth.

I didn’t think about it much after that because “everyone knew” you couldn’t make it larger. During the foreskin stuff, when I was getting more skin but no new coverage, I measured 8 1/4” flaccid. Damn didn’t that just rock. I started reading all that stuff on PE that I’d been seeing while looking for restoration info. (I’d been skipping it as a hoax.) Found alot of crap and some cool stuff. Bought Big Al’s program as a reasonable baseline comparison and started adapting what I learned from all sources to fit me.

I started applying all this mid-Oct 2001. Erect now I’m a little over 8 1/2”. I measured girth at 5” before I started and now am just under 6”. Flaccid I pull to just under 9 1/2”. On a cost to benefits comparison, this is some of the coolest stuff I’ve done.

As for the egg rolls, I can’t speak for Avocet, but I’d have to say…chopsticks.



anyone ever try tape measure pressed? ruler pressed im 8/1/4 but tape im 8/1/2 wierd!!!!!!!! probally cause of the curve in my penis i guess! hmmmmmmmm!



Moth must eat Chinese, as I often do. It’s about chopsticks. Where I live there are both Japanese and Chinese chopsticks, many plenty long enough to use as measuring devices. When your wife sees them by the bedside, you can simply say that you got hungry during the night. (When you get adept at using them you could even have eaten a sandwich, if no moo goo gai pan in the fridge. :-)



How embaressing, I’v actually been using the “The Collected Poety of avocet8.” to measure with…


Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by avocet8
(When you get adept at using them you could even have eaten a sandwich, if no moo goo gai pan in the fridge. :-)

How many people, like myself, got hungry for Chinese when you read that?

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

Originally Posted by Ramrod
How many people, like myself, got hungry for Chinese when you read that?

Your place or her’s? :D


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