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Homemade Clamp and Wrist Wrap

Homemade Clamp and Wrist Wrap

My question to you all is, can I possibly create or has anyone ever created a homemade clamp and wrist wrap. I don’t have a car at the moment, I was in an accident and it’s getting fixed, and I read that clamps and wrist wraps can help gains a lot. I already asked my guardian to pick me up these and she asked why? So I said the cable clamps will help keep my computer wires more organized and the wrist wraps were for lifting. But she pulled out some twisty ties for the computer wires and a wrist band for my lifting and said it would help save us some money. So my question is, can I create a homemade clamp and wrist wrap using things I have at home? I really need gains and I know these will help. Thanks everyone!

Tell her that you don’t like the twisty ties cause it causes RF interference on your computer thus messing with your internet connection. (RF is radio frequency, but she doesn’t have know what it means). Just tell her some bullshit like that, it doesn’t have to be true. Get the clamps.

Haha thanks, but I got my car back and plan to pick them up soon!

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