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Hold it!

Hold it!

OK, I did a couple searches and I didn’t find much. If I did miss something I’ll buy Slack a 6 pack of any beer to his liking.

It all started when I stepped into the shower today and felt the strong urge to urinate. I, however, held it in cause I didn’t want to piss in a public shower (It’s a karma thing). What was weird was that after awhile it almost felt like I was holding back an orgasm rather than my urine. This got me thinking: could “holding it in” be a possible way to work your BC muscle? I could’ve sworn that it was the same sensation I feel when I am edging. Is this a another possible method to gain better ejaculatory control?


I think I heard somewhere that is bad for you.

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Seeing as its the same muscle you use in edging, it isn’t going to hurt you unless you hold it to long and that can cause discomfort.

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if you hold your urine in too long it could damage your kidneys, too long as in like i think more then 12 hours + or something but you should look it up before you start a routine with it

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