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How long can you hold a kegal?

How long can you hold a kegal?

Four weeks ago I could barely hold a kegal for 5 secs. Now, I can hold one for 75 secs.

What’s your record?

Never tried. Depends on the level of tension. 3+min.

I can do several minute kegels also, but often I will lose the contraction momentarily, which would be no good for trying to delay ejaculation but is good for training the muscle.

Don’t go overboard on the kegels - it’s only a small muscle, IMO it’s best to do no more than 20 minutes a day, and not every day either.


I was hold for over 2min then i just got bored, if you feel you are ready to to advance in your kegal exercise, you can try the compression exercise.
Ill try to explain as good as i can.

Standing up (can be done sitting or lying down)Take a deep breath and as your lungs fill up keagel, hold your breath and the keagel. Now tighten your abdominal and push the air in the lungs down, you can do a small sit-up (crunch) to bare down. Hold the pressure as long as you can then release and relax. Do the exercise a couple of times and increase the times as you get better. The exercises is good for allot of mussels, its a very good exercise.

I you don’t like the Compression (or if you do) you can try doing slow kegal.

Do the kegal as slow you can and tighten as much you can then slowly release the kegal as slow you can. Do least 5 to begin then more as you progress.

This exercise works the muscles a bit different and gives you more control.

Don’t hold, just tighten the muscle. work the muscles all the time no holding.

By the way what kind of muscle fibres does the PC consist of? Meaning fast or enduring? Holding a muscle is best as long as it exhausts the fibres (making strench gains possible). By the way isn’t it advisable to train all the other muscles too. Since a hormon level is needed to optain strenth gains and I guess the PC wont be able to produce much of the more high quality hormons like nor-adrenalin and testosterone. Any thoughts on that?

I can only do mine for about a second .. it must be really weak right? any sugestions? Thank you.

Hello2: Practice! I have only done kegals during my 3 minutes warmup for four weeks and the PC strength has increased dramatically (as well as my erection level). It is really worth it.

I do not have any sophisticated workout scheme. I simply do short squeezez for 2 minutes and then I hold as long as I can (currently 60-75 secs).

Sometimes I do kegals when watching TV or reading the paper as well.


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