Highly effective Ricesock position!

Well, it took some tiredness to come up with this - go figure. I guess it’s like Newton sleeping under the apple tree (I wish!).

This requires two ricesocks, and they should have some pliability (that is, not packed supertight).

1) Lay on the floor or bed and drape the first ricesock across your pubic region, from hip to hip. It should firmly contact your peno-pubic area (where the penis joins the body).

2) Pull your penis up over the ricesock like an erection would hopefully lay. The pliability of the ricesock should allow a little ‘gully’ for the penis.

3) Lay the second ricesock atop the penis along the length of the penis, covering the shaft and head. It’s pliability should enable it to sag over the sides and top of the penis, creating a sort of ricesock blanket for the penis to be engulfed in.


* ya get to lay down and snooze for five-ten minutes

* fundiform ligaments are covered and warmed by lower sock, as well as the suspensory ligament (make sure it contacts peno-pubic region)

* shaft and glans are covered for circulation benefits

I like to use this in-between hanging sets to refresh circulation and keep ligs warm. Plus I am tired in the AM… :) Additionally, I am just going to start doing this from time to time to help speed along the restoration of my penis. It’s an incredibly comfortable position, and you know those warmups feel so good.

Make sure you have a timer or something going if you are between sets!!!

A bigger penis and more sleep/rest. AAAAAAAHHH - what a beautiful thing.