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A cheap and effective method of warming up

A cheap and effective method of warming up

I’ve been at PE since January 09 and I’ve never really included the warm ups in my routine as much as I know that I should have. It is not that I don’t think it is important (though I do admit that once in awhile I do overlook the importance of the warm up and skip it), its just because it is hard to warm up properly when you live with other people and you don’t have as much privacy as you would like.

The other reason is that anything I had done to warm up previously just never felt like I was truly getting the job done. Either I would warm up in the shower, or I would fill up a plastic water bottle with hot water and use it. Though the bottle might have been a little more effective than the shower, neither method really seemed to really warm everything up the way I hoped it would.

The other day I got a Thermipaq for less than $15 and though I have only used it once, it seems like it definitely feels a lot more effective than other methods I have tried. The only thing I am getting used to is how long too leave it in the microwave to get the amount of heat that I want to use, but after a few sessions with it, I’ll be able to feel it out and see whats best.

Another thing that is great about the product is that it is reusable and can be used for any other part of your body, which is useful for someone like me who occasionally has problems with his back (and can also be used on your wrists, neck, shoulders, knees etc). You can also freeze it and use if for cold pain relief or a ‘cool down’ if that is what you prefer. Not only that, but even lying a little bit, and saying that you had to get one for your aching knees or neck is a great excuse to buy this for PE if you are trying to be stealthy!

I have been having a slight problem with my EQ as of late, and after my first 5 minute warm up with this, I tried to work up an erection and it definitely felt a little bit firmer than it has since I started to have slight loss of hardness in my erections about a week ago. So while I’m on the subject, I wanted to ask if warm ups help with overall circulation and erection quality.

Hopefully, now that I am able to warm up properly, some gains will be headed my way.

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I think you have to look at how the warm up affects you. it will help with overall circulation of your penis. As it should give you a better erection, because it will open the veins. Do you have poor circulation generally? ie cold hands and feet. IF so have a word with your doctor and get a circulation improving drug.

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Moist heat is better than dry heat.

A rice sock will give you moist heat because the rice stores ambiant humidity, then gives it off after heating.



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