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Hernias and PE

Hernias and PE

A couple years ago I had an inguinal hernia which is a muscle right above the hip that runs to your groin. It was in all likelihood the result of the surgery I had following my appendix rupturing. The surgery put a patch in to close the hole in the muscle lining and it is attached in one place to the pelvis right around where all the ligaments connect the penis to the pelvis. I had PE’d for a time (albeit sporadically) before the hernia and follow the surgery and healing considered PE’ing again. I noticed that stretching seemed to put stress on what might have been the attachment (I couldn’t tell it looked like a ligament or tendon that hadn’t been there before). However I’ve now started again recently and haven’t been seeing any sort of problems. The past couple of days I’ve had some soreness in my side, but I don’t think it is the result of PE’ing. More likely it’s from a variety of activities (ie running sit-ups etc).

I thought I’d share this for any who have had that or similar surgery or any who might be going through it. Also, if anyone has information or experiences to contribute that’d be great, as I’m not really terribly knowledgeable about the human body and I’d find it helpful myself (so as to avoid possibly aggravating the hernia).

I’ve had a hernia repair with a mesh sheet and haven’t felt any discomfort or noticed any changes while doing PE exercises. Mine developed spontaneously; I don’t recall any trauma that might have caused the hernia. My repair was done a couple years before I started PE.

Erm, this is a bit off-topic, but can anyone tell me about how much getting an inguinal hernia repaired costs? I seem to have symtoms pointing toward the condition, and I’m scheduled for an exam next week, but I don’t have any health insurance, so I’m just wondering. Thanks.

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I think its around 3 thousand and up..

I’m watching the responses to this thread closely since my dad gets these for no real reason and I think I’m going in that direction too. He has had them on the left and right side and has had a total of 3 surgeries I think.


I’ve had hernias fixed on both my left and right sides. Right side was about 14 years ago, done by an old-school surgeon i.e lots of internal micro-stitching thru all the muscle fibre layers, bigg(ish) 3” long surface scar. Incidentally, my right-side hernia was caused by a lifting injury some 10 years prior to having it repaired, although it was only a minor tear. Left side was done about 5 years ago, using a mesh inter-liner technique (way better, in my opinion, also results in virtually no external scar as it’s done through two tiny 2-3mm laparoscopic perforations).

I too have wondered about the effects of PE on my bilateral repairs: the right side (old-style stitching) does seem vulnerable to discomfort and some distortion whilst stretching. However, the left side (laparoscopic mesh repair) shows no signs of any stress or discomfort whilst PE stretching.


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