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Help with fluid build-up

Help with fluid build-up

I noticed something today while jelqing. It started yesterday with a rather intense jelq/clamping session. I kegaled more than usual during the exercises. After, I had a slight donut. Today, I did intense jelqing again and noticed I was again kegaling quite a bit to get maximum expansion. Halfway through my routine I noticed fluid build-up in the form of the “donut.” Also down the top right part of the shaft it feels like a hard vein running up to where the donut starts. Can anyone give me some insight on this???

Also, I do not pump so this is purely from hand exercises and clamping.

Help! The ring right under the head is now really hard and is sore…what’s going on???

You don’t need tools to injure your dick.. Your hands totally suffice ;)

Anyways, without pictures or a more detailed description it could be any number of things.

In general:
I measure healthiness of my dick by the usual “Physiological Indicators”.
During the exercises: If it’s painful (even the least) it can’t be good. And take a step back.. Maybe do some very light jelqs if possible without pain. Or if no-do, I’m going for an erection (better: orgasm without ejaculation) with as less actually touching my unit as possible.

I suppose you try the same in the future ;)

About the vein:
Well, if there’s a hard vein and some fluid build up somewhere at the “start” of where the vein becomes visible this _sounds_ like the vein can’t let go off the blood for whatever reason there may be (and yeah, thus the region that the vein is getting its blood from is filled with more blood than regularly, too).
I don’t think it’s too harmful if you don’t feel any pain _and_ your dick doesn’t feel cold or have an unhealthy color.

I would go see a doctor about it though.. Just in case there’s something more problematic.

After all, there must be a reason why the vein can’t transport the blood away like it used to do.

Take a step back from your PE exercises (stop doing them for the moment) and let it heal.

And go see a doctor (urologist) about it to make sure you don't kill the only dick you will ever have ;)


P.S: And yeah, if you get a vein to not fully transport the blood away by doing the exercises you are SERIOUSLY overdoing them.

Don’t panic. Take a break for a couple days then re-evaluate. I would not do intense PE 2 days in a row. Your session duration and level of intensity has a lot to do with donut formation.

I agree, you don’t need a hanger or a pump to damage yourself. Hands can be lethal weapons.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Originally Posted by startingover1
…After, I had a slight donut. Today, I did intense jelqing again and noticed I was again kegaling quite a bit to get maximum expansion. Halfway through my routine I noticed fluid build-up in the form of the “donut.”

If you want “B,” stop pressing Button “A”.

The more you encourage a donut, the more often you are likely to get one. Gradually (not in two days) you weak the tissue below the glans, or in the circumcision scar area if you are cut.

So. Jelk intensely and get a donut, or go back to your old, more modified routine and don’t get one.



Hey guys same thing happened to me too. But the donut has not yet gone there something to treat it , is it going to be a problem? Can I still PE?

It’s been 3 days and no signs of improvement. The ring below the glands is just as pronounced and just as hard with soreness if touched. Anyone ever experience this before???

It’s been about a week now for me and the donut hasn’t reduced or anything . Guys please help out

starting, I think a pic would be great help for us to help you further..

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

starting / darth,
so you two are saying you’d rather take the risk of having your one and only dick fall off than simply visiting a doctor _once_ ?

Nice choice :P

Besides, if there weren’t too much helpful answers yet it’s probably because nobody has them.. Especially without pictures and a thorough and exact explanation…


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