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Help Wanted Determining the Chronology of Online Free PE


We have come a long way since then. My first go at it was the swimcap hanger and the “googaday” stretcher. EDIT: first SERIOUS go at it

But some things remain the same (“Does masturbation affect gains…?”)


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I think that sciman originally had the pub4 ezboard forum and at some point soon afterward Big Al took over (before or during the move to pub14…?). I never dared to post in a penis forum until I found a link to pub4 back in December 1999 so I don’t really know much about the other forums previous. In those days you didn’t have to register as a member to post, and I didn’t. Guys like Bib, Ulistretch, Stillwantmore, JAPP, Big Al, were already there, maybe Dance as well. Sometime in summer 2000 (I think July) their site got mutilated by an admin turned troll, and around that time it moved to pub14.

How many times did that PE Forums site get “hacked”? 2 or 3?


Ok, I’m curious now. Where is Tom Hubbard and why did he stop running the site?

Some of those old posts discussing what we now call edging was great. I chuckled for a while because I remember some guys that claimed that Edging was something new and could add inches to length and girth.

Tom still stops by every now and then. The next time he does, maybe he will see this thread and give us his reasons. I have a pretty good idea what they were, but I’ll let him tell you if he decides to.

His current site can be found at the bottom of every page here. Click the Useful Links.

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Originally Posted by penismith
I don’t remember exactly how far back Dino goes but unless I am crazy, he gave EZboard an earful over the hacking. OK, I remember Big Al taking over. I also remember a hacker erasing the whole forum and replacing it with a singe post with a picture of a small flaccid under Big Al’s name. For awhile after that, his user name was, “Big Al The REAL one” or something like that.

How far back does Japp go?

Late 1996 :)


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

What about pumping? I used to frequent NewArt & TigerPumping, back in the day…

The question that I need to know is: “How did the Natural PE Community become so hetero?” The online pumping community is dominantly homosexual.


Hahahahaha just when you thought this thread had died…!

I started the site in April 1997 as best I recall - a few dollars mailed anonymously, maybe 1 megabyte/month bandwidth - tiny tiny not very useful site. My PE ‘miracle’ happened July - November 1996, and free web hosting didn’t exist yet.

I NEVER had a forum, and had forgotten all about that. I vaguely remember someone stole the name.

Newart was hellish flame hole. I got into a skirmish there with a guy who sold a MS Word document - this was pre-pdf, and buried in it was his name and location (not Japanese, somewhere in southern California) that I publicized. His style was pretentious as hell - I think this is probably the same BS. I don’t think I bought the doc - I think someone sent it to me. I did buy ($20!!!) the plans for the Lexan (clear) caulk tube homemade pump, which I illustrated and posted for free, including the Magic Mouth, fun masturbation device. (I spent a considerable amount of time - without success - trying to figure out how to make a caulk tube bigger once my new and improved dick could no longer fit into it :-) (7/97) (3/98) (5/98) (11/98) (1/99)

I know there were others, one on nbci and one on for example. I guess his site moved here sometime in 2001?

Wow, that’s impressive - I had forgotten about all those!

I don’t remember when it moved here, but 2001 sounds about right.

Anyway, for the first time in four years I’ve updated my site (should be up later today). No real news, but at least it doesn’t look quite as bad as before.

From the link

AVOID SOY PRODUCTS LIKE THE PLAGUE: The soy propagandists neglect to mention that their product contains a potent female hormone “phytoestrogen” that will adversely affect your fertility and your sex drive. If you fall victim to their billion dollar ad campaigns, YOUR TESTOSTERONE LEVELS WILL DROP, AND YOU MAY DEVELOP BREASTS And your son, if fed soy while in the womb, and then fed soy formula, will be in danger of having a penis no larger than its size in infancy, and may also develop breasts!

Phytoestrogen is a plant based compound that supposedly mimics estrogen in human bodies. The largest amount of phytoestrogen doesn’t come from soy but from flax seed (more than 3 time the amount of soy, this would come as a major shock to hardcore bodybuilders who are deadset against estrogen) ( You’ll notice that phytoestrogens are present in almost all food that originate from plants. (phyto- is the general term for plant, flora or vegetation).

The effect of phytoestrogens on the body is still not fully understood however a 2010 placebo controlled study found that Clinical studies show no effects of soy protein or isoflavones on reproductive hormones in men: results of a meta-analysis.

Sorry to go off topic a bit but the statement (in my opinion) is unnecessary fear mongering.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

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Originally Posted by Tossed Salad
Sorry to go off topic a bit but the statement (in my opinion) is unnecessary fear mongering.

Sending me to a government site and saying in effect, ‘see, everything’s OK because the government says so’ doesn’t convince me, any more than government assurances that mercury fillings, cell phones, aspartame and microwaved foods present no health hazards. And, oh yeah, that chemtrails don’t exist and 19 Ay-rabs with boxcutters pulled off 9-11.

The soy lobby is HUGE. They can create any study they want, sue anybody that opposes them….

Anyone curious can do a search for ‘soy dangers’ on the web.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I like it Tom, a lot. :)



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