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Help on my routine

Help on my routine

Hello everyone, I really appreciate all the help given to me on previous posts and I encourage everyone to contribute to this thread to help me, and others reading it.

I am starting my 3rd month of PEing and gained about 0.25 in EL, and some length and girth when flaccid. My starting measurements were 4.75 in. NBPEL and 4.25 in. EG, I know pretty embarrassing, but I’m working on it. I have been adding to my routine to try to help gains and I was currently doing..

5 min. Warmup in shower,
Fowfers 6x3 mins.,
Stretch SO, up, down, left, right, NE, NW, SE, SW 3x1 min. Each way,
Rotate around stretch left and right 3x30 rotations each way,
Testicle stretch 3x1 min.,
Inverted V Stretch left, right, and down 3x1 min. Each way,
Dry jelqing overhand, OK, and both hand grip 3x30 strokes each way (total of 270),
Horse 440’s mixed with Sadsak Head exercise Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism thread,
Kegels 200 total.

I have been doing this routine on a 2 day on 1 day of schedule but I plan to switch to a 5 day on 2 day off schedule.

Please post any comments you may have to help me see gains, I am really begging for help. I see users that have outstanding gains on this site, and many understand how hard it is to have such a small unit, it’s one of the reasons I am not looking for a sexual relationship with a female. I really want my below average penis to at least reach 6 in. NBPEL by 5 in. EG. Thanks for the help guys, this is such a great site!

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It looks like you are overdoing it. Cut down your stretching to 1 minute each side, as also to your inverted v stretch. Rotate stretch to 10 times a day, not 3x30.

How many horses and sadsaks are you doing right now?

Your routine looks really length orientated. Consider adding clamping and/or Ulis to your routine for better girth gains.

So you mean do 1 set of 1 minute of all my stretches and 10 rotation stretch of 1 set? I am currently holding the horse 440’s mixed with Sadsak head exercise for a minute total, 3 times (15 seconds per each finger if that makes sense). So what do you recommend taking out and adding?

I am going into my 4th month not 3rd by the way.

Exactly, do 1 set of 1 minute of all your stretches an10 rotation stretches total. This will give you better chances at giving you gains. When it doesn’t you can always add sets or extend them. By approaching it this way you will spend less time PEing which is positive too :) .

I would add some Ulis, 5-10. Consider adding clamping too, for 2x10 minutes. The routine you currently have aims to little on the girth department to reach your girth goals.

Alright thanks a lot, does anyone else have any comments.. I really appreciate the help Bird2, do you perform dry jelqs a certain way (OK, overhand, both) which helps most effectively?

OK grip mostly but I have used the overhand grip too.

Thanks for the help, last night I did this routine and it was cut nearly in half.and I had a morning wood again. I really must have been over doing it. Does anyone else have any help for me.please post!

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