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Head engorgement stretch

Head engorgement stretch

Hi, you probably do this already but I made a quick search and I didn`t find it in the forum so…

Have you ever tried to engorge your glans with blood trough kegels and an Uli just below it and then stretch in that state? If you do it that way tha shaft stays flaccid and you get to Uli your head at the same time.

I`ve been doing it for 2 weeks and I can see gains already. I had a small head to start with and I had a gain of .5 inches.

Just wanted to share this.

I think in this forum there is more knowledge on man`s health than most andrologists will ever get, because it has been achieved through years of motivated (and not mercenary) research and the results have been tested on the persons who came out with them in first place. Not many scientists could do that.

However, this might just be a useless post, if so feel free to delete it!


Man that rocks can you give a little better desciption on how you do it, I want to try it!

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Re: Head engorgement stretch

Originally posted by Marduk
However, this might just be a useless post, if so feel free to delete it!

On the contrary it is always nice to see a relatively new member thinking ‘outside the box’.

I would be interested to hear more of the precise method, to make sure it is indeed safe.

Keep at it and let us know what happens.

This can also be a good technique for those with small glans, like myself, to get a better grip. I still think stretching completely flacid is the best for “the burn,” though.

One foot to go

it`s quite simple, really

I basically start flaccid, I get a good grip just below the glans and kegel, I let some blood get into the glans and I squeeze a bit, than I kegel again, I release pressure from my hand but just enough to open the veins and let the arteriae open, I kegel again and then I squeeze. At this point the shaft is still flaccid but my glans is full of blood. I start my normal stretching routine. With every stretch you are effectively pushing blood up your glans. It is very intense. You have to be careful to hold your grip below the glans, otherwise you might get some areas of it more engorged and get strange shapes…

I measured yesterday, I went from 4.7 at the crown to 5.4 in 3 weeks. The skin around the scar is getting bigger as well but quite frankly I don`t care.

Hope it`s useful.

Another thing that I have being trying is getting smarter with my timing. I do my kegels in preparation for the DLD blasters while I jelq, so I am forced to do 5 sec strokes and the kegels help me getting more blood in my unit.

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