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Has ANYONE gained glans mass


A cock ring helps for perking up an underinflated head. Why, I wonder, considering the bloodflow to the CS and head is apparently separate from the CC feed?

I have gained absolutely zero glans size. But that’s just me. Then again with me I have the “soft head” syndrome where my head doesn’t fill with blood unless I am orgasming. Otherwise it stays about 50% full of blood. Nice and soft, it’s frustrating sometimes but I just don’t think about it.

Originally Posted by dmitri
Ulistretch said he had an over 9” in girth head.

That is still the most incredulous claim I’ve ever come across in all of PE-dom.
I believe that as much as I believe that guys have jelqed their cocks to 18-20” length.

The size isn’t concrete for me.

I’m sure that my glans gains are permanent, all though there are no beginning measurements. The color of my glans is totally different from how it used to look. It was dark. Now it’s reddish brown. It’s also much smoother. Sounds crazy but even the wife has asked what happened. I contributed it erect squeezes, forcing blood into the glans and kegeling. I’ve also done this without an erection. Anyway, it seems to have worked.

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Hey benbe5312!

I found similar results. Since I am circumcised, I have the requisite “pock-mark” pattern that results from removing the foreskin at a young age (baby). In other words, the glans looks like it has pores. Now, especially when I’m erect, my glans is much smoother. Oddly enough, I’m more pleased about the gains in glans than in shaft size. My g.f. loves the size of my glans, and now says she can really feel it inside, especially the ridge. As well, my glans size doesn’t fluctuate downwards, unlike my shaft.

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