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Has ANYONE gained glans mass


Has ANYONE gained glans mass

Seriously. I never see anyone who has a penis-head pump talk about permanent head gains. Is it possible at all? I mean, in all of the pics I’ve seen, the ONLY penises that look large are the ones with developed heads (unlike mine). I was looking at some member that measured 8+ inches on either MOS (am I allowed to mention them?) or this site and the ones with lack-of-head all looked considerably smaller to me. When my tip is in it’s normal state, my member measures at pretty much 8 inches now.. Sometimes less. When it’s part-full it measures what I have in my sig. At the fullest, it measures around 8.5 inches or more.

Really what I’m asking is, is there a way to have permanent glans gains?

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I know everyone is tired of this, but: seach button?

There have been several threads on this subject. Some guys feel it’s possible, but I don’t and explained why/how in this one:
Head Size: Makes All the Difference in the Illusion of Size (post #9).

is the “seach” button located near the spell check button?



Sometimes I think to myself “Boy, it must be frustratiing being Westla with all these noobs asking these repetitive questions”.

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My glans has made the biggest proportional gains, and noticeable. I would guess 1/4” length and width. Regular jelqing led to this.

Age: 42 Start date: July 14, 2004 Non-BPEL 5 5/8"; Erect girth, mid shaft, 5", base 5 1/4"

Current stats: BPEL 7.5"; Erect girth, mid-shaft (MSG) 5.25", base (BG) 5.5"

My biggest gains, proportionally, have been:
1) Shaft girth
2) “Tree roots” (distended pubis) from vigorous stretching
3) Shaft length

I’ve noticed very little change in my glans - perhaps very slight. As I never measured head length or girth, I’m only guessing. But I’d say maybe 1/8” length; as for girth, I have no idea - only that I’ve gained a lot of shaft girth and my head doesn’t look tiny, so I’d assume I’ve gotten some glans girth. But, as I’ve said, very little change/gains for my glans.

Yes, and I contribute regular jelqing.

IMO, gains can be made in the glans but these gains are far from permanent and will recede very quickly without maintenance.

My gains in glans size aren’t quite proportionate to my overall gains but a very strict and demanding routine of Ulis and wet jelqs did increase my glans size permanently. (At least I went for just over 4 months of no PE with no discernable loss.) And I agree, head size does help the illusion of a bigger dick.

2010-01-09: BPEL: 19,7cm [7.75"] EG: 15,0 cm [5.9"]

2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]

Ulistretch said he had an over 9” in girth head. He obviously gained a lot. I suggest folks check out his routine which is in the thread that westla linked to above. Then find something in your house that has nine inches of girth to see just what that means. Then feel jealous rage.

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I didn’t measure my head circumference before PE. At best it has kept up with my overall girth gains, though its inflation varies. Intense girth exercises (squeezing, EU’s and such) tend to cause my head to not fill as much during normal erections, but it recovers within a few weeks after easing up.

Some PE techniques temporarily expand the head a lot, but I don’t know if these methods will result in a permanent size increase under normal erection conditions. Maybe, but the head seems to be a different animal than the shaft.

I’m very happy with my head size it’s grown in proportion with my shaft

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I beg to differ, Mugwomp...

I’ve noticed that even while erect length and girth of my shaft may fluctuate downward, the glans of my penis is always larger now erect than before I started jelqing. In fact, my glans gains were achieved even before I incorporated minimal/moderate pumping into my sessions. Also, when I jelq, my glans expands more quickly than the shaft.

When I took a whole week off, my glans gains didn’t diminish, whereas my shaft gains dropped (length and girth) by a 1/4”. (fickle shaft!!!)

Funny thing about women is that they are tricked by a large “bell end” into thinking the whole package is big. Mind you, women are notoriously inept at accurate visual measurement of the penis. They assess a unit as being either small, average, or big, and on occasion huge. Every women I’ve been with has tacked on a couple extra inches when they try to gauge my penis size. Note that I’ve never brought the issue forward; rather, when they’ve made a comment about my penis size, I’ll ask “Well just how big do you think it is?” Every single one over-estimated.

Age: 42 Start date: July 14, 2004 Non-BPEL 5 5/8"; Erect girth, mid shaft, 5", base 5 1/4"

Current stats: BPEL 7.5"; Erect girth, mid-shaft (MSG) 5.25", base (BG) 5.5"

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I have been PEing for just under 6 months and have definitely made good glans gains. I’m not quite sure what my starting glans size was but anecdotal evidence suggests that the gains are there. I recently picked up a girl that I met at a party. She couldn’t wait to get into her house and unzipped me in her driveway. When she saw my cock she gasped and said, “Oh my, what a helmet. You are very gifted.” Several weeks prior to that experience my ex girlfriend and I got together for a romp and she insisted that I fuck her shallow because the head of my cock, “was really big and felt really good near her clit”. She had never requested this from me before. After these experiences I measured. Its difficult to say with certainty but I’m consistently getting right at 2” in width when I measure. A foreshortened frontal view of my cock would reveal that the head is more oval in shape than round though so I suppose my total volume would be less than a more rounded head of the same width. Interestingly enough, although I appear to have gained in the glans department I have made little width gains. I believe that ULIs are primarily responsible for my glans gains.

My stats:

Started June 20, 2004: BPEL: 6.400 EG: 5.3
Currently: BPEL: 7.375 EG: 5.625 ( MidShaft )

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