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has anyone corrected curvature with PE?


has anyone corrected curvature with PE?

When I was circumsized as a baby the doctor missed a spot and therefore some skin was connected to the head of the penis while i was a kid. I got it fixed when i was in my late teens (went to a urologist and he cut it in an operation that lasted about 5 minutes). As a result my penis curves upward from the middle of it to the head when i have an erection (which i imagine is caused from the skin pulling on it this way each time I got an erection as a kid growing up). It’s nothing major but does bother me.

My question is has anyone corrected a curve in their penis by jelqing and if so what did they do and how long did it take?


I’ve read of curvatures to the side being fixed through jelqing but most would say an upward curvature is desirable thus not needing a fix.

jj267 - I also have an upward curvature and for about 2 months now I’ve been jelquing in the opposite direction of the curvature (downwards), not in every jelq, but every 10 or so, also sometimes when I do squeezes I would push it down at the same time.

I feel it has helped alot, and now it seems like I’m close to being completely straight, it looks much better like this and I wouldn’t mind if it stays the way it is, though I plan to go on doing this for a while so maybe in a few months time it would straighten out completely, which will also make it longer looking.


Braker- I have a downward curvature which bothers me and was wondering about the squeezing you are doing to correct it since I gotta lay off the jelqing for a lil while. Also why jelq against bend only every 10 or so jelqs, why not every one? Anyone try gettting as erect as possible and bending as much as you can against the bend after a work out and holding for say 15 seconds maybe 10 times? You get a GREAT stretch in the area of the bend if you do.


No special squeezing, just the ordinary uli’s and horses but whenever I remember or feel like it I will bend it against the curve at the same time I’m squeezing.

I’m not sure why I do it every 10 times or so when I jelq, I guess I just find it easier to concentrate on one motion and not two at the same time (jelq and bend).

And I did notice that bending while erect gives a good stretch.. anyhow - how long have you been trying to bend against the curve, and do you see any results?


Could you be a little more detailed on how you are correcting your curve. All that I know how to do are stretches and jelqing.

So I understand what you mean about jelqing downward every 10 or so jelqs (although I would find this difficult to jelq downward - left or right seems easy to do but how do you jelq down)?

And also what do u mean by sqeezes?


jj267 -

well my curve is mainly at the upper part of the shaft near the head, so as I do the jelq movement and I reach the upper shaft, I just push it down the opposite direction (so not only straightening but actually curving downwards) and at the same time I keep the jelq movement until I reach the head.

Does it make sense at all? A bit hard to explain these things in writing..

And when I referred to squeezes - uli and horse440 - these are for girth but when I do them I also sometimes push my upper shaft down like I do in the jelq. If you don’t know uli and horse you can do a search and read about them..

Your curve sounds just like mine. How much of a curve was it though and you were really able to straighten it out a lot? Were you born with it like that?

IT jsut seems hard to bend downwards as you jelq?

to Braker

Braker- I havent been doing the erect bends for very long. I am about to go on an all length routine of stretching but I may do these as an excersize after my stretching, I think it will increase the length not to bend so much. how long do you jelq for so I can get an idea of how many times you bend it down in a jelq session and how erect are you when you sqyeeze and bend it? I figure you would want to be harder. Also how much have you decreasedd your bend? Anyways I will let you know how it goes and my routine for it if you want.

To jj267,

You might want to consider hanging as an option to eliminate that curvature. Urologists prescribe this quite often for Peyronnes disease which is a curvature to the left or or the right. You should check out the hangers forum.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I will have to agree with J Rock, I have heard it is perferable to have an upper bend. I had read the original post on this and thought I might say something but reconsidered thinking I may have misread/misunderstood it so I did not say anything. The upper curvature is suppose to help women with orgasims. I often perform full erect bends usually when waking in the morning, all caution adhered to of course, to hopefully stretch the ligs and tissue abit. In doing these cautious bends, I also bend upperward in an attempt to gain that particular bend.




I also read it’s supposed to be preferable especially because it’s supposed to stimulate the g-spot, but I never noticed any special reaction from g-spot stimulation while having sex, and my reasons for trying to correct it are:

1. It looks longer when it’s straight
2. It looks better (IMO) when it’s straight

j7 - I sometime jelq for 10 minutes, sometimes for 30, it depends how I feel like, my routine is quite flexible, but my whole workout would be between 40 min. to an hour and I would do some more bends-against-curve at that time, not only when jelquing.

My curve wasn’t that extreme I guess, but I was quite surprised at how better it got only after a couple of months, now it seems half way to being straight and this slight curve I don’t mind living with so I actually spend a bit less time now on bending.

Though I have to say that the added girth might also have something to do with it looking less curved..

Let me know how you get along with it and good luck!

But do you do the bends when you are fully erect?

When i am semi-erect (around 3/4) and finish jelqing i have been holding the area that bends and pushing it a little downwards slowly back and forth and gently against the bend.

Would this work?

I’ve just noticed that I got it wrong - I don’t do it every 10 jelqs, this is what I did at first but now I actually do it much more often, it’s just something I do without paying attention anymore - naturally with most movements I do (whatever it is - jelq, squeeze..) I tend to add some kind of a bend against the curve, whether it’s just a slight bend or sometimes more extreme..

I can do it either semi-erect, or fully erect - whatever, you see my style of workout is quite flexible, basically I do just what feels right at the moment, and it seems to work for me.

I find that when I start doing a new exercise I also need very specific instructions and try to do it methodically but as I get more used to the exercise I tend to just go with what feels right, what feels good, more intuitively. I think that after you do some bending you’ll notice yourself what’s the best way for you.

Actually, come to think about it - it’s an interesting question: is it better to be very methodical with the exercises, or be more fluent and go with the feeling. I guess it also has to do with the type of person you are, I don’t like things to be too strict and inside set frames, you should see my house.. :)


jj267-just bend to where you feel it really stretching in the apex of the bend. What you described sounds like it would work but just make sure its intense enough to feel a good stretch.

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