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Happy Birthday 789

Happy birthday 789 :thumbs: .

Originally Posted by firegoat
:hb: 789 :gulp:

:hb: 789 :spin2:

The green looks well doesn’t it :star:

That firegoat one will be green with envy :gulp:

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HB, Ponch: you\’re still an inspiration to all of us! :gift:


Happy belated birthday.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Happy Birthday Bro:D

Never mind the Joe on the cake it’s hard to find a cake with 789 on it:)

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Hope it was a good one, 789.

Originally Posted by 789
a couple of minutes of anal and finally a blow job to be proud of.

Happy ass-to-mouth birthday, 789!

Originally Posted by rousseau506

:hb: 789 :spin2:

The green looks well doesn’t it :star:

That firegoat one will be green with envy :gulp:

Oh no! roussie has gone green! Whatever next? (:

Originally Posted by 789
Thanks for the kind wishes…Yesterday was a very good day for me. This smokin hot 50 yo gave me a very nice early evening birthday gift of warm up head, some tight pussy fucking (this woman can stop you cold if she clamps down, she has been doing kegels for 30 years) a couple of minutes of anal and finally a blow job to be proud of. …

Well, you are a man who knows how to celebrate his birthday! Here’s to many more like this.


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It’s Thunder’s fault we’re all late for your Birthday. That’s the story I’m sticking to anyway. :D

Happy Birthday and great to hear your having fun!

Thanks to all you guys and gals. I do sincerely appreciate it. My days are not normally that eventful to be honest lol. The lady who was so kind and giving to me on my birthday I have known for years and she is a true keeper. She is very good looking, independent, works hard, is a good person, loves to cook, is Italian keeps a clean house and is a real slut in bed. My problem is Im not ready for a keeper at all. I know people get tired of the hunt after a while but Im not there yet. I just want to have some fun for awhile. I have spent since I was 17 working full time, working my ass off for things for myself and my family only to realize that Im not any happier than if I was doing much less. I am going to start taking more vacations, getting out of work a little earlier and enjoying life more for myself and with my kids.

(Note to self-thank god for anti-depressants)

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


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