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Hairy problem

magic powder


I have been wanting to try that stuff for the longest time I had brought it up about six months ago on BA’s forum and everybody scared me out of using it but I’m off to the store tonight, because I shave in the morning and my 5pm My dick is like a porcupine and I use that 3 blade razor. How does it work?


How about drugstores?

I’m wondering if Walgreen’s carries it?

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Hairy thing

Just use a safety razor and shave very carefully. You can get a very smooth shave with any good shave cream or jell. I have been shaving for months now and it works great. Once you get the feeling of how slight of pressure to use on the razor. Your shaft will feel very smooth.

Magic Shaving Powder

Gotta give this stuff a Thumbs Up! Went down to Walgreens, bought the gold bottle (fragrance) and tried it out. Smooth!!! That’s all I can say.

After finishing with it I had a slight burn but that went away within the next 2 mins. This stuff works good for me. Less hassle than shaving that area.

The $1.79 was well spent, guys.

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Waxing.... but not so lyrical.

Tonight I decided to give my penis a bit of a tidy-up, ready for it’s monthly photo shoot, and used some cold wax hair removal strips (Do not try this at home - not recommended!) In this case the wax strip’s “Do not use on genital area” instructions were quite appropriate! The results were patchy, messy and painful. The wax can’t be washed off with soap and water, you have to dissolve it with baby oil, so you end up with a sticky, oily mess. And while it does remove hair, it doesn’t do it evenly even after repeated applications. After I prized myself off the ceiling and stopped clenching my teeth I had to finish the job with a pair of tweezers (not nearly as painful) ……. The things we do!

I mentioned earlier in this post that I wanted to try a hair growth inhibitor. I’ve purchsed a product called “Marzena” which claims to be safe for use all over the body. It is a serum which is massaged into the hair folicles after tweezering or waxing for 6 days and inhibits hair growth for 4-6 weeks. It claims that clinical tests indicate regrowth is dramatically reduced (around 80%) with 2-3 applications. The serum was very cooling and soothing after my rip and pluck ordeal. Time will tell whether or not it works.


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simple solution...

I have the same annoying problem of hairs. I’ve tried razors, creams etc….but everything seems to be painful for the skin of my little baby ! i’ve found a very simple solution that only requires some patience ad few days to do. I use a pair of tweezers with flat tips. I take the hair and gentle draw. When you draw the hair, the skin around rises but after few seconds the hair takes off. Is not a painful system, no damns or irritations, is like many systems of depilation. Maybe you have 10-30 hairs …not hundreds…so with ten minutes every day in few days the problem is solved. The hair is kept away with the root and will not grow for many days (maybe a month or more). This solution was great for me in many ways, for the PE, aesthetically, and for sex :) . That’s all. Bye.

BigBamboo - a newbie :)

p.s. sorry…my english is bad

Shaving secret

Guys being a ladyI have shaven just about every inch of my body excluding my head & face! The way you avoid any problems after you have shaved is to always use a very new sharp razor! The reason you get the rashes & bumps is from going over & over your skin! If you use a very sharp razor you wont be having to do that & it eliminates most problems!

If your really brave A dipilitator device that actually pulls out the hair is great. The hair takes months to grow back & its a veryfine soft hair when it does. Also you dont have stubble to deal with so the skin is very smooth!

It hurts at first but you get used to it & it really isnt so bad! You cant let your hair get out very long though or it hurts worse! The results And comfort are well worth the pain to me


I have my shaft about 2 x a week. I get the stubble about the 3rd day right about now.

I will try that because my wife really likes the feeling of a very smooth hairless penis in her.

I also keep the pubic hair trimmed to about 1/2 inch long. A lot less to get in the way during

sex and oral etc. What do you think.

Great idea, Diamond...

I use “Magic Shaving Powder” to get rid of it. Works great and lasts at least a week. But I also like your suggestion, DiamondWinds :wave: , about the dipilitator device. How painful is it, though?

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Better than shaving

Its only painful the very first few swipes & in tender regions! But when you get going its not bad ! I have an electric one looks lika a razor but it pulls the hair out. After you use it you wont need to use anything for at least a month

The lotions & potions that are out there are to be used with great Caution! Nair has been around since I was young! The way those kinda things work is chemicaly! So basically they break down the molecular structure of the hair! Basically melting it! It also will chemicallly burn your skin! Your skin isnt as tough as your hair. If it gets on your skin your skin willl be afected a lot faster than it takes to melt your hair! I have never used anything along those lines that really worked & it has very harmful side affects!

One more thing thats out there is a little emery board looking mitten that you just rub your hair on & it rubs it off! Its cheap and works actually.

Then there is permanent hair removal! Electrolosis. It a needle with electricity running though it. Its put down into your hair folicle and sometimes takes more than one time. It zaps the vulva of the hair (basicallly the root) with electricity killing activity ! I personally would never try it . If its done wrong it will cause actuall pitts in your skin that dont ever go away!


Thanks for the extensive info. You show real knowledge in those things. But I guess for now I’ll stay with the powder.

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I am still using a razor on the shaft and the pubic area adjacent. A barbers sicissors

to trim the rest very short.

No powders or depilatories for me.

I have learned how to shave the shaft and get it baby smooth.

No knicks or cuts ever.

Hair inhibitors

I tried tweezering and a Hair Inhibitor Solution which advertises that it inhibits and stops regrowth. Baby smooth for 4 weeks but after 5 or 6 weeks I need to do it again. There does seem to be less and that which has grown back is in many cases much finer. The instructions say that you have to do it 2-3 times for best results. Still got some ingrown hairs though.


BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

I have been using the good ol tweezers. Fair amount of effort. Some hairs are painless while others… well a little MORE pain! Have had minimal problems with ingrowns. I may try that Magic powder. Any one had any skin burning/irritation with it?


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