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Hairy problem

Magic Powder


I’m still using it and it works great for me. The first time I used it my skin got a little irritated and burnt for about 1/2 hr, but Neosporin took care of it. Since then, after every application, I use Vitamin E Lotion from Nivea. Good stuff and no problems anymore.

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hairy problem

magic powder, i’will try it next time i go into civilization. living out in the sticks isn’t easy, but someone has to do it. anyway i tried shaving once, and got the bumps. they say after a few shaves the bumps become history. i didn’t want to go thru it. i tried tweezers, with the roots came the blood. got instantly leary of that fella that suggested the tweezers. lol well, then i tried the ol emery board trick. turns out my hair is tougher than my skin in that part of my anatomy. ouch. i then tried nair. “not-bad”. i left it one for about 9 minutes. took all the hair off, as well as made my skin as soft as silk. neato. i guess if you leave it on just the right amount of time, it melts the hair and also give the skin in that area a good peeling, like a facial thing. the timing though doesn’t allow for any waivering. i was going to try that newer stuff advertised on the tube; for got the name now. but now i think i’ll try the magic powder first. i did try a liquid thing once on my beard, although it did not do what it advertised.

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Well, this is a welcome topic, I must say. Hope I can get some of that powder, cos I just love the shaved willy feel and not having hairs growing up the shaft. The jelqing is much easier and feels really nice to do when you’re smooth. I also took a mate’s advice and trimmed the bush above and that looks neater, although scared me a bit at first! And it enhances the look of your willy - it looks bigger if the shaft is smooth and the surrounding hair trimmed. Trouble is, I have stubble just like my beard! So I have to shave my willy every day now! If I could buy the Magic Powder in the UK I would.

Anyway, thanks for the tips, guys.

Peace to all



No one else uses gasoline and a lighter? :chuckle:

A little off the topic...

but the mention of gasoline and lighter reminds me of a problem my brother had once.

Having caught a good case of crabs, not too keen on going to the GP, and with a girlfriend who wanted sex 25 hours a day, he came up with a great solution.

Nothing more than a plastic bag, a rubber band, and a can of BLACK FLAG fly spray. He claims it worked wonders. :flame:


Good LORD.

Heh, whatever works! :)

I tryed that majaic powder crap yesterday . my nuts are still burning. Id say not to use that shit im going back to the razor

is this magic powder an african american product only??

I have shaved my shaft and balls for many years. Smooth balls are much nicer for the wife, you know. A fresh blade is critical for not getting razor burn, which I’ve been mostly able to avoid. The problem with shaving is how fast stubble comes back, so lately I’ve been waxing. I got hooked by the Epilstop commercial on TV. They have a cream product that is wipe on wipe off, supposedly. I thought I was ordering it but got traditional hot wax instead, so I tried it. Well, it wasn’t painless like the commercial promised, but after I got used to it I started liking it better than shaving. The hot wax feels good and you just have to practice with ripping it off fast. A few seconds of mild pain will get you a long time of very smooth skin. The feel is much better than I get from shaving since the follicles are gone and I only wax now about once a month. The hairs regenerate slowly and they do seem to be finer than they were before. I bought online from I believe, though you could probably buy at the store as well. I ordered the cream for the wife, as shaving her results in anoying stubble in a short time, but it didn’t seem to work and has so many warnings about skin irritation, especially regarding mucous membranes. She says she’s ready to be waxed, so this weekend we’ll give it a try. Here’s to hoping!

did you use the hot wax on your balls?? sounds pretty harsh, but worth it

Magic Powder

I just tried it for the first time and it worked fine but I got a little irritation and everything I tried made it worse then I found the cure.

It was …. {drum roll} Bag Balm! It just sort of stands to reason.



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Diamond…which dipilitator do you use? A specific brand or model would be helpful.

Stillwantmore (and others who use “Magic Powder”) How do you remove the solution after the time is up? It says to use a spatula. I used the grip edge of a spoon. I have tried to use it several times. I did everything from 5 -7 minutes. It always was left with stubble. Then I thought maybe the scraping afterwards was what did the hair removal. So I really went at it, scraping the stuff off at the end. That produced the most smooth results ever. However, I was basically skin burned from all the scraping. So I am curious, does the scraping or removal process contribute to the hair removal? Or is the job done when the timer goes off? Because it doesn’t for me.


Hey Larry33...

I’m just going to chime in here for a moment; then i’ll be off again.

I’ve never used Maic Powder before, although i do use Nair. Nair recommends a wet wash rag for their product.

What i wanted to mention was when i was in the sevice back in the sixties, many afro-americans used stuff such as Nair and probably related products to shave their beard stubble.
I saw them often shaving with this stuff and they always used a butter knife to scrape it all off and away, rinsing the knife repeatedly thru-out the process.
I would say since this was a constant ritual for these nice folks, they probably knew what they were doing.

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Do you guys use the magic powder on your balls or just the shaft.
I really only care about the shaft?



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