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Guys, I've learned something today :)

Guys, I've learned something today :)

Guys, today I measured about half an inch above my starting point (BPEL)! Of course I am very happy, and yet something bothers me. Why is something so grant like PE so unknown? Why do people still go to a surgeon for personal enhancement? Is it because of the medical industry which claims PE does not work? Or is it because people are still ashamed about PE?

I know I started gaining faster after I got some first results, they were not great but still… Because of them I lost my disbelief. It seems I was no longer pinned down to the ground or something.

I know shame and fear (or disbelief) can help to keep people from PE-ing. PE is one thing, loving someone is another.. I wonder if the medical industries are not telling you the truth, who is? Education? Religion?

How many people are not doing what they really want? (Because of guilt, shame, anything.) I’m trying to stop being led by those factors, I want a bigger dick and i’m going for it!! (Yeah!).

I hope more people will live after their dreams…

I like myself I like myself (from Yguy’s avatar) struck me like thunder. I thought: Edward Norton’s right, after all, what’s this world without you? Not really a world I suppose. Therefore I think people should love themselves more, without losing respect to others.

Anyway, I hope the above makes just a LITTLe sense.. :) (Why am I typing this early?) One last (other) thing: When you’re desperately trying not to cum, it makes you even cum faster right? Can it be applied to PE? I tried NOT to gain yesterday, but this morning my penis felt just a little bigger


-Rock and Roll

I think most people are not going to exactly say ‘hey bob, how is your PE session going today” across the office floor; secondly, skepticism (including me), thirdly disillusionment of perhaps not gaining and giving up prematurely, fourthly, no knowledge that it exists, lastly, their partners probably do not create an environment where they feel it is necessary for them to enhance their size.


I don’t think that talking about dicks (in any form) is a subject for open discussions. Deep inside we are still inhibited by our upbringing which said that sex is only to procreate. Less so, you are nor supposed to talk about genitalia openly, it is tabu. The day this changes, PE will be an accepted topic which also means that if you want to be bigger than most, 8” will not do but rather 10-11”. So, while this does not happen everyone here will have less pressure on them.


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