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Griptwist Question

Griptwist Question

Has anyone who had a Griptwist ever been able to remove that wire that’s on the inside of it? I got all amped after seeing that it could be used with the autoextender, but it still doesn’t feel that great. I’m almost certain it’s because of the wire, but even when I cut it down, there’s still no way to extract the damn thing.

Anyone had any luck?

like in your model, i use it as the ring for around the waist stretching. it’s still a bit uncomfortable, but i guess it’s the best i could do.

tps, where did you get that “belt” portion that goes around your waist?

The belt portion is simply the strap from one of those ratcheting tie downs you can buy at Home Depot. Cut it to length and burn the end with a lighter so it doesn’t un-ravel. While you’re there maybe grab a piece of pipe insulation and add to the padding. I never had an issue, but maybe you’re using more tension than I did.

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