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Got Girth?


Re: Got Girth?

Originally posted by dino775

Just patting my self on the back, and high 5ing my, thanks to the modified horse and other erect squeezes my girth now stands at 6.75 at the base and 6.5 the rest of the shaft. Puts me at 8x6.5. I really don't have the time but I can almost smell that 9x7 now that would be a piece of heavy duty machinery.
Well guys I'm not going to be around as much for a while so I wanted to leave you with this motivation post, pick a short and long term goal and go for it! I'm living proof if you put the effort in you can get the gains.


could u describe this horse squeeze to those of us who dont know any better.


That’s a terrific size, Dino, congratulations from New York (nearby).



Any of you new guys looking for info on the horse do a search there is a lot of info on the board, The way I modify them is to get full erect and kegal and grab the base, kegal again to make sure it’s full of blood, then I bend my dick down to the side so the side is facing out”up” and I can see the bottom chamber. Then I squeeze under the head and hold for about 20 seconds. Newbies you will blow your dick up with these and not only in a good way.



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