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Got Girth?


Got Girth?


Just patting my self on the back, and high 5ing my, thanks to the modified horse and other erect squeezes my girth now stands at 6.75 at the base and 6.5 the rest of the shaft. Puts me at 8x6.5. I really don’t have the time but I can almost smell that 9x7 now that would be a piece of heavy duty machinery.
Well guys I’m not going to be around as much for a while so I wanted to leave you with this motivation post, pick a short and long term goal and go for it! I’m living proof if you put the effort in you can get the gains.


Awesome Dino, what were your starting stats and how long have you been at it? Well done. I’m striving to reach similar measurements some day and I won’t stop till i do!



2 years and 3 months, I have to work for my gains they don’t come easy. So go for it! And remember sometimes you can go for months and months without a gain, just read the board try something new and you will break your plateau.



Awesome gains, man, that IS some heavy machinery. It’s nice to hear from people like yourself; if anything, its the best motivator..”Hell, if he did it, why can’t I?” From average stats to some dangerous stats! Congrats.

Way to go !


Great job and thanks for everything!

Hope all goes good for you bro.

6.75” at the base …. tree trunk dude, tree trunk.


Hey Dino,

From a fellow hard gainer CONGRATS!

You give he hope for my future gains.


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG


My hat is off to you, Dino!! That is an accomplishment worthy of crowing about! :) You’ve worked hard, and have the reward to show for it. Way to go!!!

It’s too early to say if I’m a PE hard-gainer like yourself, but I suspect I may be. I know I’m a hard gainer when it comes to body building! But I’ve worked like a dog at that, and have gained 20 pounds of muscle in about 6 months. My dedication to working hard at PE is just as great, if not greater. Whenever I get discouraged at the rate of progress I’m making with PE, I will recall your success and your words of encouragement!

Thanks again for sharing! Now, go and enjoy the fruits of your labor, friend!! ;)


I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Dino, I apologise in advance because this is going to sound lame coming from an ‘experienced user’ such as myself, but, care to “share your routine?”
(Guess where I copy/pasted that one from) ;)

But congratulations anyways, thats some nice work you got there..

myself I’ve been trying to gain the G lately big time but my attempt is seemingly futile with not a sausage of a return in ages so far :(

But it’s psots like these that keep me going :D

hi dino,

during your rise to new heights;) what are some injuries or road blocks you ran into? did you ever think, “holy cow, i fucked it up good this time”?

did you gain most of it in the earlier stages or later stages of the 2-3 year span in pe?



I think what really help is that I stopped most length exercises I was doing almost all full erect jelqing and modified horse squeezes and jelq squeezes. I think the base gain was from hanging with the bib. I only did the bib for 2 months before I ran out of time and had to shorten my workout. My workout now is just a .5 workout in the morning some regular jelqs and than all full erect stuff for 25 min. I also stretch when I can I try to do some dld stretches when given the time. I know you have had some trouble with girth, if I was you with your huge length I would stop stretching and hanging and just do full erect stuff for three months and see what happens. I can’t say for sure though because my gain came after a period of long workouts and hanging and than I switched to Short full erect workouts so I really can’t say for sure which one I got the gains from.


Yeah the fastest gains came in the beginning, reclaimed size I guess and than it was slow but steady and than it was like robbing an armored car to get a gain.
I have been lucky with injuries, a few vein issues nothing serious and a beat up tired dick sometimes.


Holy Big Boner Batman…Nice work Dino..

Hey we still got to get together for some beers and a speed metal band ;)

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

I don’t stretch much at all, and I dont hang at all. (it’s probably the one and only method I havent given a go yet)

I’ve been doing exclusively girth stuff for a while now…

There’s been some evidence of getting somewhere (I do still get a few mils swell after each session, but nowhere near as much as the full inch swell I got with my first horses) but as far as I can tell, nothing permanent (I’ve been keeping an almost daily, to the mil record) ;)

I think to gain, I will have to keep it maximally pumped all day, eg several workouts per day. Unfortunately when I do this they are at irregular times and for irregular lengths of time. :(

so I’ve been doing 3 worouts a day for several days, with a day or twos rest in between… maybe I need to up the workout time from about 10 minuites per session to 20 or more? Maybe my dick has just gotten too tough to be stimulated by a mere 10 minuites every few hours :(

PS: thanks for the reply

Check out Horse's comments

Horse’s approach to performing “his” exercise came as a surprise to me. You have nothing to lose by trying it out.



thanks alot 4 pointing that out 2 me!!!

Ive been really ‘irregular’ on the board for a while and would have misssed that snippet of info completely otherweise!!

its interesting though…. IRregularity hmmmmmmmm

also read the bit bout foreskin ‘coushoning’

anyways thanks, will definately try this idea if my consistant routine continues to fail much longer….


just giving my congrats to Dino.

I havent been doing anything like that, where can I learn about the “modified horse and other erect squeezes?”

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