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Got an infrared heat bulb

Got an infrared heat bulb

Ok, I’ve got the bulb! I have not a lamp designed for this, so, I was wondering if I can take a regular lamp fixture and remove all of the parts that could melt? It is a 250 watt bulb, so I was wondering about the compatibility with the regular light socket. Also, infrared light is not harmful to the eyes?

Bump, bump.

Have you read the threads here about IR bulbs and setups?

Don’t use a regular lamp. Go to a hardware store (even Wal-Mart here has them) and get a brooder light like this. Look near the extension cords, not in the table lamp section.

The brooder fixture rated to 250 watts that hobby pointed out is perfect for this application and no, infrared light from this type of bulb is not harmful to the eyes.

Thanks a lot for the advice guys, tomorrow I will purchase such a device.

If this is any help I found this site for infrared heating pads which seem much safe than a bulb…won’t burn you!!

That heating pad sounds very nice!

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