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Goodbye, PE

Goodbye, PE

This old guy is hanging it up after 5mos@2hrs/day 6days/wk of all techniques except pumping. Gained 1.6”BPEL x 0.4”girth but at the expense of steadily diminishing erection hardness; having started out quite hard due to being a vegetarian i would guess. Anyhoo, thanks for all the help in the thousands of posts read.


I’m glad that you were able to realize some excellent length gains and good girth gains in your 5 month PE adventure. You have done better than many others. I’m sure your erections will return to what you consider are more desired pre-PE status once you are on a substantial PE break. Your routine certainly had intensity and your 2hr/day 6days/week schedule expressed your commitment to the process. Good luck in the future in all of your endeavors.


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Bud you call yourself an old guy. Just how old if I can ask? I’m soon to be at the mid 50 mark. I’m into PE almost 2 months now & my erections have been rock hard. My growth rate has been great & I think I’ll be at 7.75 BPEL by the time I hit 2 months next week. I started at 7. My idol is Avocet 8 who at age 61 or so is at 8.25 & a great poster here. The same time I started PE I also began a body building program to get myself in shape overall & my penis sad to say was feeling the effects of age & needed a workout routine of its own. If Peforeal is correct you had quite an extensive routine. You had great gains but this could be the cause of your erectile problems. I think some time off would be great but don’t neglect your penis in the process. Remember we use it or lose it. Keep us posted. Long & hard to 100 & beyond.


I’ll state the age politely: same as the number of trombones

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You are remarkable & also a model for the all of the members here. Let us know how you are doing. Your routine would be hard for one of these youngsters I think. You must be in fine physical shape. I have gone more the way of the veg diet myself. We need more of guys like yourself on this board. Long & hard my friend. 76 Trombones to you.


did ya try moderate bending exercises.. I was doing the stretch and Jelq only then started to use the pump and do some light bending… WOW what a difference.. Good gains and if you leave PE then the best wishes to you…

Yea your gains are very good considering the time frame of 5 months. Your diminishing erection hardness may or may not be attributed to the 2 hours a day of PE though. Maybe overtraining. Well, best of luck and I hope that off time will help the erections improve.

i read your post with interest in that after a few months of pe i found i too had poorer quality erections. It wasnt a big problem at the time because i was getting a divorce, but after a few months i had a girlfriend and it was a problem. she was patient understanding and supportive. i started to use a cockring and sometimes viagra and things were ok.. i was still concerned though. i am 53 and in otherwise excellent health. ..i stopped my 30 min jelq routine and cut back first to 20 then on some days only 15…. i had had little growth the first 5 months and now wondering if i had ed…to my surprise i had a nice growth spurt in growth and expecially girth and my erections got better in a couple of weeks. i also began having nighttime wood again which was refreshing to feel on rolling over. … rest and a shorter routine worked for me… i have now added pumping with cycling up and down on the pressure for short pump periods and jelquing and squeezes in between….i also added arginine to my vitamin supplement routine which can’t hurt….i am 9 months into pe and really pleased with my results.. hang went from 4”to 6 “, overall penis went from 7 1/2 x 4 3/4 to 8 1/2 x 6 …and with my cockring on even bigger….good luck on your decision and congratulations on your gains…

Long & Hard 50 & Over

Big nice to see another new member like myself in the same age bracket. There seems to be quite a few of us. I hope we’re still at Thunders (just keeping the rods in shape) when we’re Bud ‘s age.

Bud_Do, I envy your retirement :) I hope all your dreams were reached and your new life with a bigger dick is awesome. Please stick around as a voice of success to the PE brothers here. Good Luck


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Great gains for the time frame. Good luck to you in whatever you do.

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