Good or bad?

Some of you might have seen my thread from mid December or so, in which I discovered I had T-veins. Since then I’ve decided to extend my recovery period into a deconditioning break and plan to resume PE mid February. The T-veins are noticably reduced and the little nodules are completely gone. I’ve also starting appying EVO about 4-5 days ago.

My question is whether anyone thinks it’s a bad idea to do a low pressure ADC with the wrist wrap around my total package during my decon period? After length and girth goals are achieved, I need to bring my balls up to normal size. Lightly wrapping the whole package puts very mild pressure on my penis (it pumps up to 4.5” versus my best erection girth of 5”) but results in a fairly impressive (for me) ball size pump, that I hope would eventually become permanent.

Any feedback would be appreciated, especially from anyone who has undergone the same “treatment”.