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Off to a good start, now bruising. need advice

Off to a good start, now bruising. need advice

I began the newbie routine and a few weeks after incorporated pumping. I started with the pumping 101 routine and had no adverse effects. I stuck with the pumping 101 for a month. I saw no measureable results, but my penis was much healthier, looked more vascular, and erections came much easier. Morning wood was definitely stronger and more often.

At this point I began to explore hanging. After reading, I came upon the idea that it was better to work on length first so hanging seemed like the logical step to that.

I made a Captain’s Wench and began hanging a little over a week ago.
I hang SD while seated, sitting straight up.

I began with 5lbs weight as this felt manageable. First day hung for 10 minutes. Next day 15. Next day 20. Day after that two sets at 20 and 10 minutes.

I continued this progression in a similar fashion up until yesterday when I hung 5lbs for 20 mins in the morning and then at nightt 2 sets of 5lbs for 20 mins each and one set of 6lbs for 20 mins.

I was following a beginning hanging plan I had seen on Thunder’s that recommended a 1lb increase per week as long as everything felt ok.

Everything seemed fine. The increased weight pulled harder but I noticed no pain or anything else to worry about. After my last set I undid the weight and wench and gave my penis a nice long hard downward stretch. It felt really loose so I gave it a strong pull. In an attempt to get an even better stretch, while pulling I bent my fist that was wrapped around my glans up towards the roof while still pulling down. This created sort of a fulcrum and increased the stretch.

To my shock, as I was sitting down about to begin my 300 end of session jelqs, I removed the wrap to notice two bruises on the top side of my shaft. One about halfway down the other near the base. Both at around 12 o’clock. They are maybe a centimeter in diameter and appear to be centered at the end of a vein.

They look like someone dabbed a large tip black magic marker on the top of my penis. I immediately stopped jelqing as soon as I noticed them. I felt no pain until after I noticed them and touched one with my finger. Felt a slight soreness, almost like a small cut when I put pressure on it. The day after it looks about the same and is still sore to the touch.

I also wear golf rings as an ADS. The top ring sits right where the mid shaft bruise is. The mid shaft bruise is also approximately where the bend would have been during my stretch/bend.

I understand that stretch I performed was probably a little too advanced for me at this stage, but I felt no pain. I will hold off on those for now.

What do you think caused the bruising? What should I do for recovery?
What can I do to prevent such injuries in the future?

I have zero desire to have a blackended penis.

Thanks much.

Could you elaborate on your injury? How you think you got it and what you are doing to heal it? Also, have you had this happen before? I am just a little freaked out about it all.


I understand what you are saying, but I then have to ask you when is a newbie no longer a newbie?

I have almost two months of very dedicated PE under my belt now and this is the first adverse side effect of all my efforts. I started slow with the newbie routine and built from there.

Here is my current routine. It really does not seems like much to me considering my experience.

Warm up for 5 minutes.
Manual stretch for 5 minutes.
3 sets of hanging for 20 mins with rest 10 mins in between each.
300 jelgs.

After all this I usually end up with a fantastic erection (except for the last time YIKES).

Am I really being overzealous?

I guess my injury answers that question, but I feel it may have been due to the strange stretch I did or the golf rings. My penis was sore from wearing them all day that day. It was the first day I had worn them all day long. Maybe that wore away at the veins.

Sorry for the long posts. I get talking about PE and it’s hard to stop.

I’ve never had it happen before.

As for how I’m healing it, I’m just letting it heal itself.

I got the slight bruise using PE weights, with no lube. I usually use Talc, I didnt and, well, have a sore bruise to pay for it.

I’m not worried


When is a newbie not a newbie?

Well I’m 3 months in and still consider myself a newbie, despite the fact I’m reading on here nearly on a daily basis.

I don’t think you should hang until 3 months in, just my opinion.

When I said you’re overdoing it, it was because you said you were

Jelq/stretch/pump/hang/ADS etc seems overboard

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

Ah, yes, I could have been clearer in my original post.

I am not doing all of that at the same time. When I started hanging I stopped pumping and I cut back on manual stretches.

On a good note I just checked and the bruise seems to be looking better than it did last night / this morning.

I’m going to give it a few days off and maybe try some arnica gel.

And then ease back into it, especially with the ADS and the bends.

No it will heal itself probably..

I’ve had a bruise that worried me in my short PE history ( 2 months)

That was just a skin bruise I figured out that went away in a few days


Wow! you newbie routine really scared me :) No offense, but it is real.

I have no idea about hanging and other PE devices, but If I want to get rid of bruises, I always give my penis a massage in warm water and apply some whitening lotion after that.
Whitening lotion makes your skin more and more fairer and even more tone.

Hope it gives you some ideas.

Best regards,

daBoogies :boogie:

Thanks for the responses.

I just took 5 days off and used the arnica. I used arnica gel, which I later learned is what BIB recommended (as opposed to cream or other kind of suspension).

The bruise went away on it’s own. I have backed down a little bit on the weight I was hanging and improved my wrapping skills. I am hanging much more comfortably now and have had no bruises since.

I switched to wrapping with Johnson and Johnson NO HURT first aid tape. It is the kinda Monty530 recommends and it seems to work well for me while hanging. I also re-read all the wrapping tutorials here at Thunder’s.

Good to hear you solved your problem sideproject, IMO brusing isn’t really anything to worry about in PE I beleive except when it gets to the point where you can’t PE anymore. ;) I’ll have to remember arnica gel for brusing. I would also suggest maybe trying some Vitamin C (oranges, OJ, or supplements) because this vitamin is used to heal bruises and damage to tissues in the body, it may also affect your PE for better or worse. There is a debate on this if you search here at Thunder’s on Vitamin C, but I personally don’t think it affects my gains and may even enhance them. I won’t babble on about the reasons unless I do. :) And yes wrapping is very very important, not only for a good hang but to keep yourself safe from hanging injurys.

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