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I would like to ask a favor of all those who have had good success with girth gains. Although I am sure many of you have your routines or stats somewhere in this forum, it would be great if you could repeat them again in this thread. This could serve as a quick reference for those of us who dont have the time to search through old posts.
It would also be interesting hear about any injuries, or other problems you may have had along the way, and what you may have done to correct them.
As far as routines, what has worked and what hasn’t? How long have you been at it?
Feel free to mention anything and everything that you feel has led to your success.

Once again, I am sure this may be an annoyance for those of you who have mentioned this stuff before. However, to have it all eaisily accessable and in one place would be very helpful and motivating for those of us who have not had your success.
I appreciate your help.




I am going to be a nice guy and answer your question. However, please try to make use of the search function and read the information that is already posted here. There are several exercises that will help to increase girth. Do a search for Horse 440 squeezes and extreme Uli’s. As for myself, I had great success with intense jelqing. My routine consisted of a 4 minute hot wrap and then 100 - 200 slow intense jelqs. Each jelq took about 5-7 seconds and I squeezed hard as I pushed the blood forward. After jelqing, I did another 4 minute hot wrap. Over several months, I gained 1.3 inches in girth. I stopped jelqing about 4 months ago in favor of hanging to gain length. I lost about .3 inch of girth, but 1 inch has stayed. This routine may or may not work for you, but it worked for me.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks jelktoid. My purpose of this post is not simply because I am extremely lazy, I just think that it would be helpful to have everything in one place. Not everyone keeps detailed progress logs in the progress section or reports measurements in Sizes data table.(of those that do, they dont always explain their routines well, if at all) It is frustrating to find a report of a good gain, and then have to search through endless posts for routine, then search again for an injury mentioned, then search again for the time spent on it. If everyone with gains reported in the progress log and gave a detailed account about their experience it would be a lot eaisier, but many do not seem to get around to posting there.

Anyways thanks again jelktoid your input is greatly appreciated.



bogova, i think that you make a fairly good point. To see a thread named ‘girth’ then it is good place to find girth exercises maybe.

thanks gman at least someone likes my idea. Speaking of which how has your growth been coming, or are you new to all this?

Ive been on of person, who has never taken too much devotion into pe, and hence seen no results. I wish to start soon and be quite dedicated in the PE practices.

I once started doing the squeezes everyday for 1week, until i was in the bath doing it once and felt a sharp pain toward right middle of my penis. I looked and saw a darkish blood spot directly over a vein, the spot was about 1/2 size of a pea. This made me stop completely squeezing for a while.

During the first 6 weeks of pe I jelqed and stretched…I gained
somewhere between 1/4 and 3/8” girth in that short time which I attribute to jelqing…I quit jelqing because I’m only desparate for length as girth gains will (or may) slow length gains…I now hang only and haven’t seen any girth gains (though it hasn’t been too long).

When I jelqed I couldn’t help but get fully erect which I believe is why the girth came on…but many say erect jelqing can lead to injuries I didn’t have problems… I didn’t do it long enough to be an authority though.

Although I don’t need girth right now, it’s comforting to know once I’ve reached my length goals I should have no troubles adding girth thanks to erect jelqing.

My experience here is limited so take it with a grain of salt but I think you need to jelq for a good duration ie 20-30 mins with slow, hard strokes on erect penis for great girth gains.

Thanks for the reply J rock. How old are you and how many days a week did you jelq?

I’m 30 yrs old and tried to jelq 3 on 1 off…probably averaged 5 sessions per week.

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