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Mosst efficient girth exercise

Mosst efficient girth exercise

Whats the most efficient method of increasing girth size? Members have recommended exercises from squeeze, v-jelq, Uli to jelq but from my observation no single method has been singled out as the most effective.

I’m still a newbie/lurker myself, but I would imagine you should pick the exercise that your body responds to the best. Try them all; see which one gives the most positive P.I.


BPEL: 6.75" EG: 5"

Goal 7.50 NBPEL X 5.50 EG

I’d say the most intensive exercise possible that doesn’t leave your unit looking/feeling like a burst balloon. If you’re new, that’s going to be light jelqing :)

I shall redirect you to here..

Newbie Routine

If you’re new, don’t ever do anything else for atleast 1-3 months depending on your ability to heal and of course many other factors..
Lets just say I have been doing this for about 9-10 months and even I am just getting into clamping. And also, read read read and look up some more to read. Get knowledgeable about this art. Don’t dive into it.

And as always use your Search!!

How did I do guys?

Clamping no doubt - not for newbies though.

As a newbie, regular jelqing would be the best. But for real you should just do the newbie routine for 3 months and also do some more PE research on the forum.

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