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Girth during Bathroom Breaks


If it came to it why don’t you bring in a small hand towel and heat it up with the hot water from the bathroom sinks? Even if it could use it for 3-5 minutes that could work?

I’ve thought about doing that at work when I can clamp more often.

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You can’t hot wrap period doing stealth pe. Our sink water in this dorm doesn’t get hot at all so that wouldn’t help either.

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Being that you wouldn’t be able to do anything extreme during this time anyway, I feel that warming up is not necessary as well.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Back when I was working an actual job I used to clamp one off in the stall just about every time I went to the bathroom. Actually had a pair of pants with a pocket cut out so I could pop it loose loose back in my cube.

Probably not a good idea though. I did a lot of stupid shit back then.

I can see it now, an entire line of clothing dedicated to guys that PE.

Yeah, the open pocket thing works great, with everything from dry jelqs to adjusting or removing rings or clamps to tucking a Fowfer. If you work in a office setting, especially in a cube with any kind of semi privacy you can do a lot of stealth PE at work.

Hmm. I feel a thread coming on. PE at Work 101

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I remember trying to do some stealth bathroom PE during the one crappy office job I had. If I did my morning workout and then PE’d a little every time i went to the bathroom at the end of the day my flaccid was actually smaller than it would be if I did my morning routine and then just left it alone until my next workout. No idea why, just my personal experience.

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Brother we are in the same boat here

Me, I work crazy hours, but between a few bathroom breaks, lunchbreak, and after work session, I gain just fine too. Everybody thinks I have irritable bowel syndrome or something, always heading off to go pinch off a big loaf lol

Also I never really specifically warm up either for dry jelqing, I just make sure my first session of the day is a little lighter, and I do a few light jelqs to warm everything up before I get hard and rip off the big set. I feel that if you are always working it, it’s always kind of warm anyway? Never tried Horse440’s though, that stuff looks pretty extreme and I’d bet you’d be better off warming up for something like that.

Good luck dude and consistency is key, if all you can do is jelq for 5 mins in the bathroom at a time, then that is your routine - I hope you have that kind of genetics where it is what works for you, and not the kind where you need longer one-off sessions.

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For some reason I feel like jelqs to me seem more intense than horse440s and I have a lot of power in my hands. I was at one point where I was doing a lot of them in one session (about 50 reps of 10 secs. each) and mostly what I got from that was tired hands. Maybe if I broke them up they might have been more effective?

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Wow, sed. I think that’s the first time I’ve heard of someone finding jelqs more powerful than Horses. Yea, 10 second strokes would definitely fatigue your hands.

Originally Posted by Audacia

You’ve been PEin’g since 07 thus are well conditioned. Don’t worry about the warm ups, I rarely do any and gain fine. PE whenever and wherever you can to fit your life style.

I agree that you can get away without warmups if you’re well conditioned but I would still warm up if it was a possibility. A possible warm up option would be to keep hot water in a coffee thermos and carry it around with you. Also, keep a bottle of water and an empty cup to warm up in….use the bottle of water to mix with the hot water in the coffee thermos if it is still too hot. I do clamp and bend without warming up occasionally but I don’t go as intense. Sometimes it is good to PE without warming up I think….it may train the tissues to stay expanded longer.

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