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Getting deformed?

Getting deformed?

I have recently noticed after a 30 minute jelq/uli session, the right side of my penis just behind the head is getting more swollen than the other side. It doesn’t seem to be a good thing, by the way. It’s almost as if the tunica is weaker in that one spot, and the increased pressure from the exercises is revealing the flaw. In a flacid state, after all swelling has subsided, it is pretty much gone, but not 100%. Can I damage my tunica permenantly if it is weak there, or even rupture it? I don’t want to go from a straight penis to a curved or deformed one. Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences? Thank you

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It’s no big deal; it has happened to me. It is just fluid.

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Re: Getting deformed?

Originally posted by soflsun
Can I damage my tunica permenantly if it is weak there, or even rupture it?

Yes you can damage it permenantly, that’s what I did. I don’t have time to explain what happened right now.

Just be careful and make sure you take proper rest days.


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JAPP, I would appreciate an explanation of what happened to you. When you get a chance please tell your story. Thank you

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soflsun, is the right chamber actually bigger, or is there swelling on that side?

Skin swelling on only one side is often a sign of a thrombosed vein. Next time you jelq, feel the area and see if you can locate a hardened vein under the puffiness.

If the right chamber itself is larger than the left, make sure you are alternating hands and using the same grip and pressure with each.

The right chamber doesn’t seem bigger when I am erect, but after a workout it does seem bigger at the area close to the head. I have had a thrombosis and this is definitely not that. I was worried that this was a sign that my tunica is weak in this area and could be damaged with all the pressure. I don’t want it to bulge when erect and look crooked.

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Even just having too much skin on one side can cause this, actually:

when I was about 14 I got a really bad and extensive case of poison oak- and that sh*t got everywhere, including the ol’ pecker… which SUCKED.

Anyway, since then I’ve always had a large wrinkle on the right side only; when I started to pump irregularly about 8 years ago, had to be careful lest that side get “overinflated”, because there was simply more skin to accomodate the swelling (but the good news is that since starting hanging a few months back, the skin looks like it might actually be catching up, getting equally stretched on the other side).

Regardless, in theory anything that makes expansion easier - be it a looser tunica on one side, bigger c. cavernosa on one side, more skin, looser ligs, etc- it going to encourage lopsided growth. The path of least resistance and all…

Same problem here- My right corpus cavernosa has always been bigger than the left one. (My penis is pretty thick, but only due to the right CC. If my right CC was as big as the left one, my dick would be very, very average. ) My dick is shaped like a banana placed on a table.

When I jelq, the right CC expands much more than the left one, and responds far better to the jelying than the left one. (The left one does not respond at all.)

This dos increase the banana look and my curvature. I have stopped jelqing because it makes my dick even uglier than it already is.

So my advice is — make sure you even out the curvature while PEing, otherwise you will end up making it worse.

Just a little update: I think I was putting some extra pressure on one of my grips and not the other. This, in combination with the fact that either my tunica is weaker or there is more skin on the right side, led to the bulge. After a good, equal handed workout, both sides were bulging, the right a little more, but I think it was good. This is probably the very mechanism that leads to girth increases. Thanks for the replies.

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