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Born with deformed penis


Born with deformed penis

This is a serious post btw

I was born with a somewhat deformed penis and I had a surgery to fix it’s posture. I equally was not able to piss standing up so the doctors fixed that. They even got it circumsized. Anyways, It’s been 7 years since the surgery.

I am not happy with my penis obviously, I don’t want to complain but I feel like being born with a screwed up penis has definatly had impact on it’s growth. Even my stats are very very weird.
I have a 3.5 inch in length and 5 inch in girth! ( pretty weird , I know )

So far much of the PEing I’ve done in the last couple of months seemed to help my girth but I’m not making any progress on my length. My penis being naturally cured down makes me realise that my tunica is actually pretty weak. It’s like It doesn’t have enough package to be able to let my overall size get bigger.
And yes I’ve tried working on the tunica but so far I’ve been only doubling my excess skin :(

ANyways, I guess I just felt like ranting and letting everyone know that if your depressed about your 5.5 average size, just think about meh :P
I’d appreciate any words of wisdom if they’d want to share.

Sorry for this depressing post, this just sad :(

Hi Flare,

Welcome to the board. Because you’ve had surgery, it’s hard to say anything that you would say to a regular newbie since you may have a unique set of variables. Do you feel the surgery has impacted the structure of your penis other than size? Was it anything like Peyronies or something completely different?

Take care


Welcome, Flare!

You have a better chance to find a solution here than anywhere, I would think. Doctors don’t do this stuff. Maybe there could be some way found to target just the weak spot, repeatedly targeting it and healing, to let it grow back straight and strong again eventually? If it can be worked maybe so that stronger tissue heals over or replaces the weaker tissue, or “grows over it” to strengthen everything? Maybe it is strong underneath, but the curve is just “in the tissue?” Just some ideas.

This is the place to find ideas and solutions.

Start a dialogue! The Gay Role Poll is waiting for your vote! :)

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It’s been a years, I don’t remember the details exactly but I know for sure it isn’t peronies.
I believe that’s a disease older men get? ALso one of the sites mentionned it causes the penis to curv up. My main problem is that my penis actually curves DOWN. The weird part is , you’d expect me to gain some length when i uncurve it manually but it actually loses length. I can visibly see that it’s mostly because my tunica doesn’t have enough ”package” to actually fill the gap needed.

I didn’t lose length after the surgery, they had just fixed the previous abnormal posture. They didn’t do anything about the curve problem though, they never even mentionned it. But I know for sure I’ve had it since I was born, It has always been like this.

I’ve noticed a loss of sensation since I’ve started jelquing, it’s like the excess skin I make is dead and I don’t feel it anymore. I’m not sure if this is normal but after jelquing my penis is becomes really soft/small afterwards and I do have alot of excess skin from the stretching. It’s been 3 days so far, it’s STILL rather weak.

Thanks for the support guys

Me too...

Epispadias is a rare congenital (present from birth) defect in the location of the opening of the urethra. I was born with this. My urethra opens up on the bottom a little bit, and when I was a newborn they cut an incision in my glands so that I could still piss straight. I think it might have desensitized my glands a little bit, but obviosly would have no idea where it did or not because have known no different. Luckily I haven’t gotten any of the other side affects that this defect sometimes brings, such as shorter than average penis and the like.

In boys with epispadias, the urethra generally opens on the top or side (rather than the tip) of the penis, though it is possible for the urethra to be open the entire length of the penis. In girls, the opening is usually between the clitoris and the labia, but may be in the abdomen.

looking at this, mine is very accute. The urethra actually opens up at the head, but just at the side, like it missed about 1 cm or so. I guess I’m just a little bit lucky.

Current stats- 7.75" BPEL X 5.25 EG Goals- 8.5BPEL X 6.00 EG

Hey Flare, you have friends here.

cead mile failte :lep:


My self-diagnosis was incorrect, I have hypospadius…. sorry for any confusion.

Current stats- 7.75" BPEL X 5.25 EG Goals- 8.5BPEL X 6.00 EG

I was born with the same condition- Hypospadias. Went thru about 5-6 opererations before they fixed it. Tha last one when I was in second grade. Hmm I´ve got a small penis to; 5.5 and that´s maybe a sideeffect from the operations. Who knows? But I don´t have the downward curve that you have… and the unit work well so I must be lucky after all.

good luck pal

Glad to have some others here saying they have or are interested in the condition hypospadias. I’ve been posting here for almost two years & I thought I was the only one. It’s sort of how you feel growing up with this condition. I must say now that I’m very proud of my penis in the way it looks & pleases my wife who is multi orgasmic part of which I owe to my penile anatomy large bulbous head, hooded foreskin & upward curve which helps to hit the G spot. I’ve gained about 3/4 in length & girth since starting here now at 7 3/4 BPL & 6 inch girth but I must say my routine has been off & on during this period.

I have posted some pics early on but those were deleted & I have thought about posting some new ones. For more info you can refer to my other posts. Look forward to any future discussion. Till then keep it long & hard.

Well, I can’t really say much about your condition, but this is THE place to find support about it. Also, you say you have a acute downward curve. I have one as well. It’s pretty acute, almost to the point of pointing down, but it does not hurt to have an erection or ejaculate. I don’t really like the way my penis is shaped but hopefully through consistency, I can lessen the extreme curve my penis has.

Law thanks for the reply. Actually my post says my curve is upward. Just wanted to clear that up.

All fixed up now? Is is safe for you to jelq?

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In my case I never had corrective surgery. I thought about it even went to a plastic surgeon over thirty years ago & decided that I & the women in my life liked it the way it is. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it as they say.

Now in my 50’s I like the fact that my penis is different which was not the case when I was growing up. My penis is larger than most & PE had a hand in that (pun intended). I was 7 inches BPEL when I started. Some of that I attribute to the hypo & I was doing PE even before I new what it was like doing kegels & stretches when I would masturbate a practice that I still use today. Bottom line is that I love sex with my wife oral & intercourse plus masturbation. I think having hypospadias for me is a plus in that regard.

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