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Gains happened , now what should one do

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Whats the best right-after-gains approach

Enjoy while your penis is “in da zone” and keep PEing like a mad man for more gains.


Suspend all PEing activities in order to give time to your penis heal and cement the gains.

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Gains happened , now what should one do

Im going for the second option. See, Im the kind of guy who benefits from very speedy gains (like clearly visible gain in one week). But as soon as I realize PEing is doing wonders for me I start to practice PE twice as hard in a very neurotic way trying to reach my goals in a very short period of time. But as soon as I start doing it my gains totally stop and it makes me depressed as hell. Now Im going to try a different approach.

I noticed some visible gains resulted from the last 7 days of exhaustive stretching and heating sessions. My ligs are sore as f### and my dick feels all beaten up. I remember right before this last program of PE my penis would get a rock hard erection but right now now matter how much porn I watch my dick cant go any further than a 70% erection. Maybe thats a signal he is begging for some vacation; and he will get what he wants. I will stay off from PEing for one week and see what happens in my next PE program.

But while all that I would like to know whats the opinion of you guys regarding all this… which method have you been approaching ? Oh and sorry If I sound confuse, I think Im kinda drunk right now… damn wine. :D

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I think short breaks for recovery seem like a good idea and a week would probobly be the longest I would want to take off while still in a routine.

It seems we are all different in what works for us and since serious PE is something that is for the long haul (months or years) I think experimenting with what may work best for you is a good idea.

If your prior experience of aggresive work out after a gain didn’t prove productive for you then maybe a short time off will work. Or maybe just easing up a bit or ???

I think you’re right to experiment to see what works for you.

Good luck and happy gains.

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